5 Creative Ways to Celebrate Fall

Fall into autumn with these cozy ideas.


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Fall is officially ushered in on Sep 22, the date of the autumnal equinox. It is a time for harvesting, enjoying crisp, cool air, and witnessing a pageant of crimson and golden leaves. After the heat of the summer, autumn is also energizing.

Instead of heading out for a country drive, visiting fairs, and taking hay rides, there are many creative ways to appreciate the fall season closer to home. Here are five fun and simple ideas to embrace this new and refreshing season. 

Create DIY fall planters

As the summer buds wane, autumn flowers flourish. Gather some birch branches, sprays of juniper and pine, pine cones, dried corn, pumpkins, and gourds. Add ornamental kale and cabbage, and dot with splashes of bright orange marigolds accented with yellow pansies and purple asters. Add some black-eyed Susan and chrysanthemums.

 A Piece of Rainbow offers some beautiful ideas for fall planters. And it only gets better; as the weather cools down, the purple kale deepens in color, offering a stunning show on your doorstep guaranteed to make you smile!

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Feed the Birds

Now is the time to make your garden a happening place for wintering birds, and there’s nothing like treats to keep them around. Make a DIY pine cone feeder with a type of granola that will keep the birds flocking all fall and winter.

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds has a recipe that is easy for kids and grandkids to help prepare. Homemade bird feeders can also be made from upcycled plastic bottles, glass bottles, Lego, teacups, and more, as seen on Happy Hooligans.

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Gather round a campfire

Waiting to pull out your favorite woolen sweater and wrap up in a fleece blanket? Gather the family and head outside to lie under the stars. Bring marshmallows, sticks, graham crackers, and chocolate to make s’mores. Be sure to have a ghost story or two up your sleeve to tell when the flames flicker, or find some spooky stories online. You will get your family inspired for Halloween!

If you have a garden, make your own fire pit, as explained on The Spruce. Or, if you prefer to spend the night outdoors in deep, dark nature, look into reserves that allow campfires, or head to a beach. In the UK, Campfires Burning has a comprehensive list. In the US, check to see if any of these beautiful campfire sites listed on Smarter Travel are nearby.

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Decorate the house

Time to cozify! Pull out your soft throw blankets and drape them across couches and chairs. Be it knitted, plush, tartan, fleece, or chenille, this time of year is dedicated to being warm.  Placing scented candles around the house brings the scents and spices of autumn right inside. Favorite fall scents include cinnamon spice, pumpkin clove, and apple cider.

Now that pumpkins and gourds can be found everywhere, use them as decorative accents. They come in many shapes, colors, and sizes and can be placed on mantels, arranged as a runner on the dining room table or placed in a wicker basket on a side table and the floor.

Instead of decorating with flowers indoors, switch to using fall leaves, pine cones, cattails, and seed pods, then place them in a tall vase. Thistlewood Farms offers some easy decorating trends with a harvest theme.

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Carve a pumpkin (or two)

No fall season is complete with pumpkin carving. You can download pumpkin carving templates online or come up with your own design. The Oprah Magazine offers some easy and creative pumpkin carving ideas.

Be sure to keep the pumpkin seeds and roast them in the oven with your favorite spices. Nutritious and delicious, pumpkins are filled with antioxidants and are high in magnesium. If you want to bake a pumpkin pie, it is preferable to use the pulp from smaller pumpkins.

With pumpkins in a vase, on the mantel, outside the door and in a pie pan, you will be an official fall aficionado!

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