5 Eco-Friendly Kickstarter Campaigns That Deserve Support

These green Kickstarter campaigns help us live a little more environmentally aware.

(Casimiro PT / Shutterstock.com)

Crowdfunding campaigns are incredible opportunities for innovators, change-makers, community groups, and others to access funding for new and exciting projects. From robots and children’s books to helping sponsor a student’s college tuition, the world of crowdfunding is as diverse as it is unique. Online crowdfunding campaigns have also become a powerful medium for social and environmental projects that don’t typically find funding using conventional finance options.

1. The Need to GROW

The Need to GROW is a feature documentary that explores solutions surrounding local and sustainable food systems. While some documentaries focus on problems- this one focuses on the solutions and the pioneers who dedicate their life’s work to making sure that we’ll have healthy and affordable food for decades to come. Check out the inspiring and thought-provoking trailer on their Kickstarter page.

2. Solar Gaps

Solar Gaps is a company that has designed and manufactured smart solar blinds. Yup, these window blinds automatically track and absorb the sun’s rays so that you can power household devices and light fixtures. A small battery allows for some energy storage, as well

3. Final Straw

Plastic straws have been getting a lot of heat lately, which is why this company’s reusable and collapsible straws are an amazing contribution to this summer’s green toolbox. The Final Straw comes as a convenient and small keychain and is easy to clean with a built-in squeegee. You’ll be saving the planet in style with one of these.

4. Mudwatt

Mudwatt is a STEM learning kit that provides kids with an interactive experience of the world of biology, energy, physics, chemistry, and engineering.  By playing with mud and a few wires, kids learn about bacteria in soil, and how to create electricity with these bacteria. Kids can continue the learning experience through the app, as well, which is equipped with games, videos, and tracking devices to see how their Mudwatt is doing.

5. Orbasics

This company makes shopping for quality eco-friendly children’s clothing accessible and affordable.Orbasicsclothing is fair trade, 100% organic, durable, and comfortable. Please and thank you! Finding fair-trade clothes at an affordable price is no longer a dream, folks.  Plus, since the company specializes in basics, you can wear them anytime, anywhere.

This is just a small list of the incredible start-ups and community projects found on crowdfunding sites. Keep checking out websites like GoFundMe, Kickstarter, Headstart, and more to stay up-to-date on groundbreaking innovations that change the way we consume.