5 Good Reasons to Wake Up Early

Getting up earlier in the morning is the best way to start the day.

Getting up earlier has many benefits.

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While the old saying, “the early bird gets the worm” may not resonate well with people today. Getting up early to do a morning run, leisurely reading a newspaper over your coffee and overnight oats, or just having a less stressful commute certainly will.

Getting up early is actually the secret ingredient to the success of many entrepreneurs, athletes, and medical professionals according to Each Night. That’s because it gives them a head-start to their day and allows them to get more done while the world is still sleeping.

There are also a host of other health benefits to setting your alarm clock back and hour or more. Check out these five good reasons to wake up early in the morning:

May Improve Cognitive Function

People who get up early in the morning can concentrate better, are more attentive, and stay energized throughout the day according to Sleep Advisor. Since people’s brains are more alert in the morning, focusing on important tasks earlier will allow you to make better decisions than people who work later. A 2010 Harvard University study found that morning people have better problem-solving skills, get better grades in school, and land higher paying jobs.

Getting up early could make you more productive.

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Helps You Sleep Better

Waking up early makes going to bed earlier easier and helps you get consistent sleep and wake times. This helps to regulate your circadian rhythm and can lead to a better quality of sleep according to Each Night.  Getting adequate sleep may lower your blood pressure, boost your immune system and mood, as well as improve brain function. Plus on the flip side, people who tend to be night owls are more likely to feel tired and develop sleep disorders.

Getting up earlier helps you sleep better at night.

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More Time to Eat Breakfast

Nothing starts a day better than eating a healthy breakfast. After all, food is the fuel people need to feel energized and ready to face the world. Just grabbing a coffee and pastry at the drive-through will not give you what you need. Enjoy a nutritious breakfast of healthy egg muffins or Greek yogurt and fruit to start your day off right.

Start the day with a healthy breakfast.

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Get Your Exercise In Early

Are you too tired or too busy to work out at the end of the day? Try going to the gym or for a run first thing in the morning. According to Healthline, a morning workout initiates a rush of the feel-good endorphins that can lid your mood, lower stress, reduce anxiety, and increase your energy levels.

An early morning run can help reduce stress.

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More Time for Yourself

Waking up early allows you to watch the sunrise and have quiet time at home before your spouse gets up and the kids start the wild dash to school. Self-care is vitally important so take this time to enjoy your coffee, take your pup for a long walk, write your shopping list, organize your calendar, or just take some extra me time. Setting your alarm clock earlier will give you the gift of extra time.

Me time is an important benefit of rising early.

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