5 Hacks for Creating a Living Space You Love

Unlock your creative self!

a warm and inviting living room.

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Whether it is for work or play, people spend a lot more time at home, which is why it's important to design a home you love. If you want to create a happy home, be sure to keep these five tips in mind.

Eliminate Clutter

Creating a living space you love begins with clearing your space from clutter.It's easy to get distracted when there is a lot of clutter around; clutter-filled homes can lead to many distractions. Taking the time to declutter your space, according to The Spruce, will help you start loving your home with fresh intentions and, in turn, harness the positive energy that comes from interior design. A clean environment can ignite clarity within. Imagine a blank canvas where your eye for design is the paintbrush that unlocks your creative spark. 

Organize your space.

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Create Spaciousness

Lack of living space is associated with poor psychological well-being, according to a Chinese study. But, you don’t have to move home to create the space you need, simply rearranging your rooms or having a clear-out can work wonders for creating spaciousness.By enhancing spaciousness in your living space, you simultaneously create expansiveness of the mind. It’s your space, so embrace this freedom and allow your imagination to run wild!

Make your space look larger.

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Embrace Natural Sunlight

Welcome in natural light by opening up the curtains and allowing sunbeams to shine into your home, suggests Home Beautiful. What feels better than a bright, open room with natural lighting? 

The quality of natural light within a house can significantly affect emotional responses, with settings with increased levels of daylight playing the most important role, according to a study from Building and Environment. You can boost your emotional well-being by increasing natural light in your home, so why not give it a go and see what happens?

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Add Mother Nature

Here is where feng shui comes to light, the ancient Chinese philosophy that refers to creating an environment that harmonizes with the universe's invisible qi. This life force animates all forms. 

The presence of nature in the home improves individuals' performance and mental cognition by stimulating the senses and the mind, according to the Forstall Interiorscapes website. When you add plants to your living space, you invite productivity for your writing, work, or dancing; however, you choose to express yourself. 

Cultivate feng shui by bringing some plant interior into your home and harnessing all the delicious benefits of doing so.

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Evoke Emotional Responses With Color 

With color, you can evoke different emotions in your living space.Color psychology is an interior design concept that uses color to ignite a particular mood and atmosphere, according to Verywell Mind. Color hues can invoke different feelings and influence how you feel and act. That's why choosing the right color tone is vital for creating a living space you love. 

How do you want to feel in your living space? If your answer to this question is warm, powerful, or sensual, then choosing a red hue can give you those feelings. Whereas, if you’re more of a cool, calm, and serene person, blue is the color for you!

Design with color.

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