How Feng Shui Can Inspire Creativity

Invite creativity and sparkle with the natural magic of feng shui.


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Everyone needs a little creativity in their lives, whether for work or play. And it’s not uncommon to sometimes feel as though you're experiencing a blockage or your creative juices aren’t flowing. Yet, there are many ways to ignite that inner spark and harness your creativity, feng shui being one of those, according to mindbodygreen. Here are some ways that feng shui can inspire creativity. 

What Is Feng Shui?
A Chinese art that traces its roots back to early Daoism, feng shui aims to achieve harmony and balance in your surroundings, according to National Geographic. But did you know that this concept can also inspire creativity? That’s right! Feng shui invites you to enhance creative energy within your home to create new opportunities for personal growth.

Benefits of Creativity
When you think of creativity, what comes to mind? While some people may initially think of their career or creative hobbies, it goes much deeper than that, according to Inc. Having a creative mindset can significantly improve the quality of your life, ignite alternative thinking, unblock old thinking patterns, and invite you to connect with yourself on a deeper level, Here are three ways that you can use feng shui to inspire creativity:

Discover a creative corner of your home
Feng shui offers ancient guidance to create a home where you can thrive, and the tool that can take you there is the Bagua map. The map consists of eight life areas surrounding a central area, corresponding to the feng shui energy map, according to the website, Nations Online. And Du: Creativity and Children, is the specific element within this map that embodies creativity.

Located in the western part of your home, this area should complement the themes, elements, and colors prescribed by the Bagua. For the Dui space, you should focus on bringing in metal objects and decorating with neutral colors such as gold and white. So why not adorn your creative room with metallic wind chimes and apply a fresh coat of white paint to represent new beginnings? 

Set your creative intentions
Now that you have a designed space in your home where you can go to get your creative juices flowing, it’s time to set your intentions.

An essential lesson of feng shui is the power of intention as a way of transforming your life, according to Healthline. How do you wish to express your creativity? Take a moment to think about this before setting your intentions.

According to a blog on Square Yards, the western part of your home resonates with creativity, so be sure to write down these intentions while in this room and leave them somewhere safe. If your intention is to spend more time on creative writing, you could write down, “I intend to devote moments of each day to put pen to paper and allow my mind to run free.”

Eliminate clutter and surround yourself with inspiration
The art of feng shui is about making your environment conducive to what you want, according to mindbodygreen.  By choosing a clear and open space in your home, you’re tapping into one of the key principles of feng shui, which is to eliminate clutter. In situations where there is a lot of clutter around, the brain is prone to be distracted since multiple visual stimuli will compete for your brain's attention.

When you declutter your space, you have the opportunity to reignite your creative spark with a clean environment. Try redesigning your home with objects that light you up to inspire creativity, as when you surround yourself with inspiration; you invite the soul to come alive.

The creativity process is not always about the destination but the journey that takes you there. Having a space where you can unwind and allow your creativity to run free encourages you to thrive and let go so you can start expressing your creative spark.

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