5 Spring Inspired Yoga Poses

Nurture growth and inspiration during the springtime!


Doing yoga in a park.

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The spring marks the time of year when nature wakes from its deep winter slumber. The days become longer and the sun shines brighter. Sprouts and flowers spring from the earth. Make this a time for planting seeds and nurturing growth, both in the garden and in your own life. Welcome the season and new inspiration with these spring inspired yoga poses.

Butterfly Pose  - Baddha Konasana

What better way to celebrate the spring than by channeling the delicate, effervescent butterfly that floats among the flowers? Mimicking the gentle opening of a butterfly's wings, the butterfly pose encourages a deep stretch in the inner thighs, promoting flexibility and openness in the hips, according to Ekhart Yoga. This pose invites you to embrace transformation and renewal, much like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon.

Begin seated on your mat with your spine standing tall. Bend your knees to bring the soles of your feet together, drawing them as close to your body as feels comfortable. With each inhale, imagine your spine growing taller, an invisible string pulling you upwards. As you exhale, gently encourage your knees closer to the ground.

Man in the butterfly position.

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Flower Pose - Vikasitakamalasana

Flow into this beautifully symbolic pose and embody the blooming of new life in the spring. According to Yogapedia, the flower pose celebrates the growth and awakening of the spiritual self. It helps to calm your mind, ease stress, and restore emotional balance. Even beginners can do it!

Enter the flower pose from a seated position, begin to balance on your sit bones as you bring your feet together, spreading your knees wide. Extend your arms through the gaps under your knees, and lift your chest, blossoming open. Breathe as you personify the playful, delicate beauty of a flower and welcome new possibilities into your life. 

Woman practicing the flower yoga pose.

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Sun Salutations - Surya Namaskar

In the spring, the sun gains strength with the promise of longer, warmer days. Embrace the vitality of the sun with the sun salutations, a dynamic sequence that warms your body, boosts energy, and honors the longer, brighter days ahead. 

According to verywell fit, this popular pose series consists of mountain pose, upward salute, standing forward bend, halfway lift, plank, low plank, upward-facing dog, downward-facing dog, standing forward bend, halfway lift, upward Salute, and a return to mountain pose. As you flow through each movement, imagine absorbing the sun's energy, filling your being with light and warmth.

Beginning the sun salutations series of poses.

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Rabbit Pose - Sasangasana

The rabbit has long symbolized the fertility and rebirth associated with the spring. According to the Tummee website, this posture helps relieve tension in your neck, shoulders, and back, encouraging introspection and renewal, much like the earth rejuvenates itself in spring.

The rabbit pose provides a deep stretch to your back, resembling the shape of a rabbit as it stretches. Start in child’s pose by sitting on your heels with your knees together or slightly apart, bending forward to rest your forehead on the mat. Extend your arms behind you, palms facing up beside your feet. 

Without lifting your head, reach back and grab hold of your heels. Gently lift your hips while pulling on your heels, creating a rounding in your back. Stay in this pose, breathing deeply and evenly. Focus on the stretching sensations along your spine, neck, and shoulders.

Woman in the rabbit yoga pose.

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Tree Pose - Vrksasana

Embody the strength and stability of a tree while reaching for the sky. According to the Yoga Journal, this pose fosters balance and focus, reminding us of the steady growth and renewal of the spring. As you stand firm, envision your feet drawing nourishment from the earth, supporting your blossoming aspirations.

Begin in mountain pose, standing tall like a tree with your feet rooted firmly on the ground. Shift your weight slightly onto your left foot. Bend your right knee, and with your right hand, help place the sole of your right foot on your inner left thigh, calf, or ankle, wherever you feel comfortable and balanced (Avoid placing the foot directly on the knee joint).

Focus on a fixed point in front of you to help maintain balance. Bring your hands to prayer position. Then, lift arms outwards toward the sky, like the branches of a tree reaching toward the sun. Repeat on the opposite side.

Yoga class practicing the tree pose.

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