5 Steps to Balance Qi Energy

Bring stillness from within with these steps to balance qi energy.

Perfectly balanced energy.

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Each person has a life force energy inside. In Chinese, they call it qi pronounced chee which means breath or steam. And like steam powering a train engine, so too does your qi energy propel you.

Just as with everything in nature, your qi needs balance; too much force, and you will overheat the engine, while you won’t get anywhere with insufficient force. When you balance your life force, you move smoothly through life at a natural pace, like a boat gliding along a river.

You can balance your qi energy through various forms of movement and meditation. Traditional Chinese medicine also has a way of balancing life force through acupuncture. So when the world around you feels chaotic, go with the flow and imbue stillness with these steps to balance qi energy.

Remember that you can’t control what happens around you, but you can control how you react to those things. Go inward to allow the qi energy to flow openly through your being. This will bring internal stability.

As you feel balanced, your inner condition will manifest outwardly, and you will interact with others and your environment peacefully. Here are five steps to help you achieve balance, stillness, and stability.

Tai Chi

If you visit a public park in China, you’ll likely come across large groups of people moving in synchronicity. Indeed, the Chinese have practiced this form of martial arts for centuries, called tai chi. Tai chi combines meditation with slow, mindful martial arts.

The movements are said to direct the movement of qi in the body, ultimately leading to a balanced internal life force. A study published in Harvard Health found that tai chi also improves balance, muscle strength, and flexibility. 

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You’ve seen acupuncture before, but might feel hesitant to try it out. After all, this traditional treatment from China involves sticking thin needles into the skin throughout the body. And as painful as it may appear, it actually helps treat pain!

 The method balances the flow of internal energy by inserting the needles into specific points along the qi pathways. In fact, research from the American Academy of Family Physicians found that the practice does reduce a number of chronic pain conditions.

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Eat a Balanced Diet

Want to feel balanced on the inside? Then eat a balanced diet! Healthy foods fuel your body’s qi energy, according to Healthline. When you don’t eat nutritious foods, you’ll feel fatigued or sick.

Instead, eat a healthful diet for a balanced qi, with foods like probiotics for your gut, energizing fats (like olive oil or coconut oil), fruits, vegetables, nuts, and healing herbs. Healthline recommends eating food that has been steamed, roasted, or grilled as opposed to eating cold, raw food. A well-balanced diet will balance your qi energy and keep your organs healthy.

Eat healthy foods.

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Rest and Rejuvenate

Any modern-day doctor will tell you to get enough sleep, and traditional Chinese medicine has recommended this for centuries. Just like the slow movements of tai chi, having balanced internal energy means going about your day mindfully, without rushing or overdoing it.

You should tune into your energy levels and know when your body needs rest. Make sure to get enough sleep and take breaks when you need them. Healthline recommends getting seven to nine hours of sleep a night will help balance your qi.z

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Flow With Yin and Yang

The principles of Daoism teach how to live balanced and graceful lives. According to Daoism, qi consists of two complementary forces, called yin and yang. Sky and earth, feminine and masculine, fire and water, the yin and yang flow throughout the natural world and within ourselves. 

When the world feels chaotic around you, remember that the shadow doesn’t exist without the light. Just as the seasons change from winter to spring, so too will the difficulties pass. Stay calm and balanced internally, and you will move peacefully through the yin and yang phases of life.

Yin and Yang energy.

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