5 Ways to Bring in Natural Light

Let that healthy sunshine indoors!


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Woman in sunny room.

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Natural sunlight is an essential ingredient to living, just like water. It is uplifting to wake up with sunshine brushing your face and to feel the sun’s warmth on a summer’s day. Aside from evoking feelings of comfort, sunlight has been shown to improve mood and alertness, boost vitamin D, and improve sleep, according to Healthline.

 Sunlight has been a part of people’s lives since time immemorial. Throughout history, the main light source was sunshine, according to Health Works Collective. Yet in the present urban world of apartment living, commuting, and days spent inside without windows, the access to natural light has been greatly diminished.

For people who live in the city and work inside, there are still ways to invite in the sunshine. Here are five ideas to help reconnect with the sun. 

Sleep With Your Drapes Ope

When you go to sleep at night, open the curtains, advises Healthline. This way, you will wake up to natural light, which is the best alarm clock around. In turn, this will help reset your circadian rhythm.

Once those drapes are parted, keep them open! You should let the light stream into your home all day long. With your curtains pulled open during the bright times of the day, you may not even have to turn on any artificial electric lights.


Opening drapes to let the sunlight in.

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Install More Mirrors

When inside, mirrors are light’s best friend. They reflect light and can even bring light into a windowless room, explains the blog Making this home. You simply need to angle a mirror to catch the light from a window, then reflect it into a dark room.

More sunlight is captured with a larger mirror. If you do not have a big mirror, you can use a collection of small mirrors grouped together. This mirror collection will redirect much needed natural light and the grouping itself can also look attractive.

Mirrors make a room look lighter.

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Lighten the Decor

From walls to floors, light colors are more reflective than dark ones, according to Healthline. The most reflective color is white, followed by pastel colors. Eggshell washes are also effective at reflecting the sunshine.

If your floor is dark, the easiest solution is to put down a light-colored rug. These decor tips will instantly brighten your home and may soon brighten your mood.

a light colored decor makes a room lighter.

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Consider Circadian Lighting

If you cannot get outside, you can help your body follow the natural sunlight and darkness cycle by installing circadian lights, explains Health Works Collective. These lights are made of special LEDs that strengthen and weaken depending on the intensity of the sun outside.

At midday, the lights inside are programmed to be brighter, while they automatically dim when the sun starts to set. Such a pattern may help to align your body with the sun’s cadence. This could help you feel more uplifted and energized during the day, while at night, you may even notice that you are sleeping better. 

Go Outside

Every time you need to do an errand, put away the car keys and walk. You will be getting physical activity along with natural light therapy which, Healthline points out, is a double health whammy.” 

Squeeze in a walk before work or go outside during your lunch break. Just make sure you spend time in the daylight each day, preferably moving.


Taking a walk outside in the sunlight.

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