5 Ways to Improve Your Social Skills

Brush up on social skills during lockdown to rediscover your charisma!


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As people are spending more time alone these days, it is worthwhile to touch up on social skills. In anticipation of the world opening up again, you may feel a bit rusty, especially if you have become used to interacting virtually while lounging in sweats on the couch!  There are many fascinating online courses and websites dedicated to helping you reduce anxiety, regain confidence, and rediscover charisma.

Social skills are a measure of competence within a set of rules when it comes to interacting and communicating verbally and non-verbally. Without the ability to socialize in groups, this past year has taken a toll on people’s social skills. In fact, a recent German study found that with tighter social restrictions during Coronavirus, people report more occurrences of fear, anxiety, and psychosocial distress.

For those who felt social anxiety before the lockdown began, it may be even more challenging to emerge from a quiet and comfortable shell. People may have become so secure in their isolation, they could develop anxiety about socializing altogether, psychotherapist Beverley Blackman told Metro. “Without the security of those they feel safe with, self-confidence may very well decrease rapidly,” she said.

Remember that social skills are called “skills” because they are learned and they can be easily revived.

As they are not “talents,” they can be taught, according to livebold&bloom, yet you must practice them. For those who feel their social skills could use some polishing, here are five ways you can strengthen your social muscles. When the time comes, you may be itching to fly out the door!

Double your social skills

For the largest selection of online courses, check out Udemy. They have 130,000 courses with a new selection every month. One of their most popular social skills classes is called Double your Social Skills and Instantly Connect with People. This best-selling course has been taken by 14,000 people in 194 countries.

“Being socially successful is not a talent, it is a skill you can learn,” says course host Jimmy Naraine on the course preview. Naraine teaches the biggest mistakes of body language and helps people overcome their fear of public speaking. You can also brush up on how to start a conversation and dissipate any fears of rejection.

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Charisma University

Do you want to learn the four emotions that guarantee a great first impression? Check out Charisma University. They offer a six-week online program to help assuage those moments when you freeze up, when your heart beats frantically, or when you cannot think of a thing to say.

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Coach and host Charlie Houpert explains on the Charisma on Command site, “So I started studying the science of charisma. And like Neo, I started to see the Matrix. I got to a level of unconscious competence where everything started to come naturally. It felt like a superpower.”

Find your own superpower; they have over 450 videos on their Charisma on Command on YouTube, with some videos getting over ten million views!

Developing great social skills

If you are feeling shy, this may be the course for you. Offered by Universal Class, with over 500 online courses, Developing Great Social Skills gives pointers on identifying verbal and non-verbal communication skills. The course also explains emotional intelligence, unveils the secrets of storytelling, and offers tips to help you improve internet social skills.

Online guides to develop socially

These social skills articles on SocialSelf are great resources for adults. Free and easy to understand, read about how to stop feeling nervous in social settings and how not to feel panic while speaking in public.

If you feel that you have been spending a bit too much time hanging out with your couch, read up on expanding your comfort zone until you find that sweet spot, as well as how to start a conversation, including examples of conversation starters.

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Online games to test social skills

Based on the popular TV quiz show Jeopardy, test your social skills online. Will it be 300 points for coping skills or 500 points for social skills?  Jeopardy Labs offers over 2 million online games.

Jeopardy Labs has many online games that deal with adult life skills including feelings of anxiety, stress, anger management, as well as friendship skills. They are all free and require no registration, so just click and play.

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