5 Wellness Spiritual Practices to Try

Add spirituality to any wellness routine.

Spirituality can be a big part of how you feel.

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Daily spiritual practice opens your heart to grace, to allow a force greater than yourself into your life. When you set aside a little time each day devoted to spiritual practice, you’ll cultivate a sense of purpose to guide your path and help navigate the challenges in life.

Spirituality is personal, and everyone has their own individual path to faith and well-being. If you need inspiration, try these spiritual practices for your wellness routine.

Start Your Day With Morning Affirmations

To deepen your connection with your highest self, Spirituality and Health Magazine recommends affirmations that relate to the divine, faith, and healing. Try choosing a short positive statement that makes you feel spiritually inspired and repeat that each morning. You could try affirmations like, “All I need comes from within”, “I am surrounded by love”, or “The universe provides all that I need.” You’ll start your day feeling blessed by encouraging positive self-talk and release limiting thought patterns.

Start your day with positive affirmations.

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Feel Balanced with Daily Kundalini Kriya

The ancient spiritual practice of Kundalini yoga seeks to balance and activate the divine life force energies in the body. But, sometimes this Kundalini energy gets stuck and unable to flow freely through the chakra centers in your body. 

Restore and maintain a balanced energy flow with kriya, a combination of breathwork, mantra meditation, hand positions, and postures. The simple Kirtan Kriya is one such example that anyone can learn. Start by sitting crossed-legged. Then touch each fingertip with the top of your thumb while chanting saa taa naa maa, meaning infinity, life, death, rebirth.

Meditate and achieve chakra balance.

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Count Your Blessings With a Gratitude Journal

Oprah Winfrey has been a long-time proponent of daily spiritual practice for a meaningful life. According to Stanford News, During a 2015 lecture at the university,Winfre shared that one of her go-to spiritual practices that she has stuck with since the 80s is gratitude journaling. You can include this in your daily spiritual practice. Each day, put aside a little time and write down five things that you feel thankful for having or that has brought joy to your heart.

Writing in a gratitude journal is a part of self-care.

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Turn a Meal into a Sacred Ritual

Many religious traditions have their own laws regarding which foods to eat, meant to turn a meal into a sacred connection to the divine. Judaism has specific dietary kosher laws to guide spiritual eating, such as never mixing meat with dairy, according to The BBC. Hindus and Buddhists traditionally follow a plant-based diet, mindfully enjoying each bite with gratitude. You can draw inspiration from the many traditions and turn each meal into a spiritual experience.

Make meals mindful experiences.

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Find Joy in the Simple

Life can feel overwhelming sometimes. When things feel too complicated, remember to take a step back. Sufi mystic and poet Rumi once wrote, “Humble living does not diminish. It fills. Going back to a simpler self gives wisdom.” Take a moment to notice something of beauty each day. Even the simple becomes sacred: A morning sunrise, a quiet moment outside, or a hug from a friend can all feel miraculous. Learning to appreciate the simple things in life can remind you of the beauty around you each and every day. 

Find awe in the beauty of nature.

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