Communal Meal Organization Simplified

Food and community online

Sep 20, 2012

Image by Flickr user erik jaeger

When a community member or friend has experienced a significant life event, one of the best ways to help out is to prepare them a meal. But wrapped up with all the good intentions, lies the potential for confusion. Who will organize the meals? Does the recipient have food allergies or preferences? When should food be delivered? Does anyone really need 10 baked casseroles?

The free Take Them A Meal website can remedy the situation by helping individuals organize meals following births, surgeries, illnesses or deaths. The useful tool is equipped with a real time calendar, date customization features, meal preferences and the ability to send invitations and reminders via email. Send Them A Meal helps people turn their best intentions into something truly helpful.

Bringing together food and community, Take Them A Meal adds the organizational touch to caring.

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