Goody Bag by Subscription

Umba Box's creatively boost things handmade

Gift box.

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Umba Box is a marketplace for handmade goods that runs by innovation; rather than browsing through endless options online the Etsy way, shoppers subscribe to a monthly service, and in return receive a curated collection of goodies, selected by the Umba Box team.
The concept thrives on people's innate love of surprises (we have yet to find a person who doesn't love to get a goody bag full of unexpected gems), and makes for an effective way to support handmade artisans   
A quick browse through past packages reveals treasure troves of well made beauties crafted by artists and designers - jewelry, soaps, stationery, cosmetics and other gifts.
Subscriptions are $25 a month - monthly rates are lower if you subscribe for longer periods.  
The brainchild of founder Lauren Thorp, Umba Box stands out for its innovative concept and love for things created by hand. [Source: Umba Box]

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