Modern Day Bartering

Swap is a global marketplace for exchanging goodies


Image from Flickr user

The ancient form of trading - bartering - is back, alive and kicking, in the form of Swap: a global marketplace for item exchange.
From roller skates and DVDs to jewelry and airplane tickets, the website offers anything under the sun and is super easy to use: users post stuff for swap, and in return, interested parties make an offer for an item in exchange. The transaction is free unless the swap isn’t local; in that case, delivery costs must be agreed upon between the swappers.
The benefits of swapping are numerous: users enjoy zero or under-the-radar costs, while the environment wins out with the reduction of waste and the increase in recycling.
Adding to their good doing ways, Swap has launched Swap4Schools - a free service that enables public schools across the US to list supplies they need but can’t afford. Swap browses listings on the website and locates matching items. Once found, the swapper will be contacted and offered the opportunity to donate - instead of swap - their goodies to a school. [Source:]

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