6 Photography Projects that Will Make You Go 'Wow'

Through the lenses of some talented artists



Screenshot: Dancers Among Us

In this celebration of artistic photography, six stand-out projects focus on people – and often the connection between them. The photographers here are true artists - molding their subjects to tell a story or bring across an emotion. Truly breathtaking.


THE PROJECT: This stunning collection of photographs features dancers leaping and pirouetting through every day situations and beautiful locations. The shots are perfectly composed – from the shower to the subway – and have recently been compiled into a coffee-table book, available on the artist's site.
THE PHOTOGRAPHER: Manhattan-based photographer Jordan Matter.
WE PARTICULARLY LOVE: The motivation behind Matter's project – to encourage his children to be free from self-consciousness.

Image by Jordan Matter, Dancers Among Us


THE PROJECT: Previously featured on Goodnet, this collection captures unrelated pairs that share an uncanny resemblance. The artist is still taking submissions, so if you look like someone else, or if you know of two other people who do, you're welcome to get in touch.
THE PHOTOGRAPHER: Canadian photographer François Brunelle, who lives and works in Montreal.
WE PARTICULARLY LOVE: The photo composition – if we didn't know better we'd think these are family photos.

Image by François Brunelle, I'm Not a Look-Alike


THE PROJECT: This simple but powerful Tumblr blog features photos of New Yorkers, many and varied, on the streets of New York. The project has gathered over 5,000 photos and 50 stories since 2010, and will be showcased in a book set for release next month.
THE PHOTOGRAPHER: Trader-turned-photographer Brandon Stanton lives in New York (no surprise there!)
WE PARTICULARLY LOVE: The snippets and quotes posted along with each photo on the site, which explain more about the person behind the portrait.

Image by Brandon Stanton, Humans of New York


THE PROJECT: To celebrate her beautiful daughter Emma’s fifth birthday, this talented photographer took a series of shots in the style of five of history's most iconic women. In this Goodnet favorite, Emma is dressed and styled as civil rights leader Susan B. Anthony, French fashion designer Coco Chanel, famed aviator Amelia Earhart, political activist and the first deaf-blind person to earn a BA Helen Keller, and Jane Goodall - animal welfare activist.
THE PHOTOGRAPHER: Wedding and lifestyle photographer Jamie Moore, who lives in Austin, Texas.
WE PARTICULARLY LOVE: The final shot in the series (pictured below) – five-year-old Emma running for president in 2044. We'd vote for her!


THE PROJECT: In this unique project, complete strangers off the street are photographed physically interacting – and the results are surprisingly moving. By putting his subjects in intimate poses, the photographer creates ephemeral relationships that exist only for the moment of the photograph. The project raised over $80,000 in yet another successful Kickstarter campaign this year, and will result in a photo book set for publication in March 2014.  
THE PHOTOGRAPHER: Chicagoan Richard Renaldi now lives in New York.
WE PARTICULARLY LOVE: This behind-the-scenes look at the project from CBS news.


THE PROJECT: This photography project showcases portraits of freckled redheads, and explores the unique camaraderie among gingers. For the artist, the project is also a unique prism through which to highlight issues of racial discrimination based on skin color.
THE PHOTOGRAPHER: Ginger artist Anthea Pokroy is based in Johannesburg, South Africa.
WE PARTICULARLY LOVE: The video clip Pokroy put together for her (now complete) Indiegogo campaign.

Image by Antheo Pokroy, I Collect Gingers