6 Ways to Stimulate Positive Personal Growth

Growth requires honest and constant work


(ESOlex / Shutterstock.com)

Living a purposeful life means constantly growing through learning lessons. Growth can be painful and mean going out of your comfort zone, letting go of your past, and facing your fears. Still, through that process, we learn valuable lessons, grow into the best version of ourselves, and open up to life’s most rewarding experiences.

1. Growth starts with accepting change

We tend to cling to stability, holding on tight to the familiar. Resisting change not only avoids the inevitable, but keeps us from evolving. Instead, realize that change is one of the only guarantees in life and a great opportunity for growth.

2. Life begins outside of your comfort zone

Some of the most valuable experiences in life require doing things that make you uncomfortable. Dating and opening up to a potential new love mean feeling vulnerable and risking heartbreak. Starting a business venture or accepting a new job position involves taking a financial risk. Improving your health and fitness requires uncomfortable physical and mental conditioning to achieve results. Pushing to become the best version of yourself may feel uncomfortable at first, but stimulates growth and enriching life experiences.

3. Sometimes fear can hold you back

Fear has its purpose. It can keep you safe and remind you to take caution when necessary, but other times, it can take control and hold you back. Fear serves as a tool to guide us through life, just so long as we know when that fear helps us and when it prevents growth.

4. Use fear as a tool for growth

Fear can serve as a tool to identify the areas of your life that you need to change for the better. Often we feel afraid because of pain experienced in the past when someone or something brushes up against old wounds. Perhaps you feel so afraid of getting hurt again that you never date or try to meet new people. Will you live your life in isolation, never knowing love again? Look behind your fears to find where you need to grow in order to get the most out of life.

5. You don’t have to do it alone

Facing deep-rooted fears is no small task, especially if that fear results from past trauma. In such cases, you should seek help from a professional to work through those issues. In other cases, talking to supportive friends and family can help process fears. A good support group can encourage us and give the confidence to heal from the past, confront fears, and experience meaningful growth.

6. Change your thoughts, change your life

Journaling or self-affirmations also serve as a great way of effectively facing fears and promoting growth. For example, you could consider one or a few things that scare you the most. Perhaps you feel afraid to switch careers. Every day, say out loud or write down,” I will succeed in my new career path and pursue my goals in confidence.” What we think, we become. These small, daily rituals reverse the patterns of doubt and begin to change your thought process to feel confident when facing a new endeavor.

Growth can be painful and scary. But think of the pay off! With patience and persistence, you can improve your life by facing fears and becoming the best version of yourself. Who knows the amazing experiences that lie ahead on your path toward growth?