Life Saving Medicine Transferred Via Coke Bottles

ColaLife brings hope to rural Africa


(M. Unal Ozmen /

Coca Cola needs no introduction: the soft drink brand is one of the most internationally recognized, owing in a large part to its massive distribution worldwide.
ColaLife is an ingenious social enterprise that uses the distribution channels and packaging crates of the bubbly drink to transport life saving medicines to rural areas of Africa.
The organization cites a startling statistic: in Africa, one in seven children die before their fifth birthday from common preventable causes like dehydration, resulting from diarrhea. In response, ColaLife has created the AidPod - an award nominated package that contains basic rehydration kits that snugly fit between the necks of the bottles.
ColaLife is executing its first pilot run in rural Zambia. This innovative project requires complex coordination efforts, involving local wholesalers, distributors and retailers all the way to health organizations, whose personnel can educate and train locals on how to use the AidPod.
Stay tuned for the crowd-funded documentary,The Cola Road, which will unveil the story of ColaLife and their inspired way of getting life saving medicines into the hands of those who most need it. [Source: ColaLife]

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