7 Best Bamboo Toilet Papers

Join the new bathroom trend.

Bamboo toilet paper is a hot trend.

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Most people want to support the environment by bringing reusable bags to the market and skipping single-use plastic straws and cutlery. But have you thought about all the other areas of your home you can green? An easy way is to switch to bamboo toilet paper in your bathroom.

Conventional TP is made of virgin wood pulp and comes from old forests according to Green is the New Black. In fact, 27,000 trees are cut down every year just to manufacture the toilet paper that people use.

But that is not the only environmental cost. It takes 1.7 trillion liters of water, 250,000 British tonnes of bleach in addition to the trees to manufacture the white  ultra-soft bathroom tissue. That’s why switching to bamboo-based TP is a growing trend according to Mind Body Green. It’s sustainable, grows at a very fast rate, and no panda habitats are destroyed in the manufacturing process.

Check out these seven best bamboo toilet paper brands that will lighten your environmental impact and look great in your bathroom.

No. 2

This may be the prettiest toilet paper you’ve ever put in your bathroom. It’s naturally sourced, sustainable, uses no pesticides or fertilizer, recyclable, naturally hyperallergic, and soft. No. 2 only uses plastic-free packaging so it is an ideal environmental choice according to Mind Body Green. In fact, it is certified sustainable by the Forest Stewardship Council. There is a subscription service available so you never run out.

Pure Planet  

his 100 percent bamboo toilet paper is good for the planet and for your bottom according to Pure Planet. It is the first of products of this eco-friendly and plastic-free online store. The company is on a mission to save trees, wildlife, waterways, and oceans.


This company delivers 100 percent bamboo to you by subscription so you never run low. But reel is about much more than just bathroom tissue. The company is on a mission to eliminate the threat of illnesses that is posed by lack of access to toilets in many parts of the world. By supporting reel, you can reduce your carbon footprint and help bring sanitation to people who need it. 



These tree-free bathroom rolls are made from bamboo and sugarcane. Caboo said on the company’s website that it’s the combination of bamboo’s strength and sugarcanes’ soft fibers that makes this TP the safest and most sustainable brand available. Caboo also makes other tree-free products including: kitchen towels, napkins, tissues, and baby wipes. You can find the line in supermarkets.


Who Gives a Crap

This Australian ethical  company uses 100 percent forest-friendly bamboo in their soft and strong toilet paper. But what sets Who Gives a Crap above the rest is the companies belief that everyone should have access to sanitation, including toilets, running water, and hygiene. That’s why this certified B Corp company donates 50 percent of its profits to partners working to make this a reality.

Stylish bamboo paper.

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Bim Bam Boo

This company tells you to wipe with confidence. That’s because Bim Bam Boo is full of anti-microbial benefits, are PH neutral, and hypoallergenic. The company’s founder Zoë Levin couldn’t find a good TP option when she was diagnosed with IBS, so she developed her own that is available by subscription service and in stores.

Panda Soft

This UK luxury bamboo toilet paper is naturally grown, ethically sourced, and Panda Soft uses only 100 percent plastic-free, reusable, and 100 percent recyclable packaging. It is also great for sensitive skin. You can purchase 24 rolls at a time, with a very quick 48-hour delivery ti

Soft bamboo toilet paper.

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