7 Boo It Yourself Halloween Decorations

Ghoulish DIY Halloween decor ideas.


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Mid-October brings strange apparitions; ghoulishly carved pumpkins appear on doorsteps, creepy spiders weave enormous webs across windows, and witches’ broomsticks sweep into sight. Trick or treat! Here are seven “spooktacular” DIY decorations to get your home and garden into the magical spirit of Halloween.

Pumpkin candy holder

Pumpkins and Halloween go together like peanut butter and jelly! Transform a pumpkin into a candy holder, then place it outside your door with pre-packed candy bags or non-candy gifts for trick or treaters. This is especially handy since this Halloween many prefer one-way trick or treating. (You should still wear that great Halloween costume or check out some simple and clever costume ideas!)

Country Living suggests you carve out a hole on the front side of the pumpkin that is the size of your candy bowl. Scoop the pumpkin out, then place the bowl inside. Place a thick rope around the edge of the bowl to give it a finished look, fill with candy and enjoy.

Combining the sweetness of the holiday with a harvest touch, this candy holder also makes a beautiful centerpiece indoors.

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Paper bat garland

These spooky garlands can be hung anywhere in the house or just outside the doorway. As they are easy to make, children will enjoy creating these. Good Housekeeping even has a bat stencil for you to download. Cut out your bats, fold the wings to make them 3D, then hang up with tiny black clothes pins.

You can also hang them vertically from the ceiling as seen on My Thrifty Life. For a ghoulish effect, hang bat strands over your dinner table, or drape them across your sideboard.

Balloon spiders

With bats “flying” around the house, why not add some fat black spiders? Simply blow up black balloons and add some black crepe paper for their long legs. Place them high up in a corner (a favorite spider hideaway) and tack their creepy legs to the walls.

Or, place spiders on your front door for a spooky haunted house effect. Country Living suggests using two balloons, a large one for the spider’s body and a smaller one for the head, as well as wire and faux fur for creepiness!

Spooky front door

Don’t forget your door; friends and family will get into the Halloween mood as soon as they see your house! There are many DIY design ideas for your door, and Country Living has some great eerie doorway decor ideas. Go for a ghostly graveyard or a scary monster. Or, create a friendly Jack o’ Lantern entryway by draping the door with orange paper and taping on gold paper cut outs for the eyes and toothy smile!

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Halloween wreath

Place a DIY eyeball wreath on your door for an eye-stopping effect. Acadiana’s Thrifty Mom will show you how. You will need a package of eyeballs or ping pong balls, a metal wreath form, plastic bugs, and a hot glue gun. The end results are stunning yet spooky.

Good Housekeeping has a sugary sweet Halloween wreath that incorporates fall hues of yellow, gold, and orange.

Haunted wheelbarrow

This decoration is sure to make one’s hair stand on end. If you have a wheelbarrow, fill it with earth, then place a skeleton atop the earth. Poseable skeletons are available online and in some party stores. Add your own scary details to the scene, be it a tombstone, a scary pumpkin, spooky feathered Halloween ravens, or plastic bugs.

Ghoulish garage door

If you live in a house, don’t forget about decorating your garage door! Your garage door is a large, empty canvas awaiting your creative touch. Home Tone has some fun, spooky ideas. Be sure to check out Tip Hero to see how an American woman painted a monster complete with hand-painted fangs and greedy eyes onto her garage door. The Facebook video of her monstrous garage door went viral, with 25 million views.