7 Fun Winter At-Home Activities to Try

Enjoy fun-filled indoor activities.

Have a game night when its cold outside.

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With the temperature dropping outdoors, it’s time to get creative with fun winter at-home activities. Just because you spend more time indoors doesn’t have to compromise having a good time. From baking to crafts, try these fun indoor cold weather pursuits.

Bake a New Dessert Recipe

Satisfy your sweet tooth by spending the afternoon baking a new recipe. Invite your family and friends and turn the day into a shared activity. This walnut tassies recipe from AllRecipes doesn’t require a lot of baking experience and makes the perfect wintry treat.

Baking is a great winter activity.

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Relax With an Adult Coloring Book

Who said coloring books are just for kids? Artists today make impressive coloring books for adults with all kinds of themes. And, according to Verywell Mind, spending some time coloring may relieve anxiety and depression. Break out the colored pencils and turn on your favorite album while you relax and enjoy some evening coloring.

Break out the pencils and color on a cold wintry evening.

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Create a Mini Wellness Retreat 

During the cold winter months, your wellness routine might fall by the wayside a bit, trading in hikes and walks for cozy nights on the couch. You can jumpstart your winter health routine and create a mini wellness retreat at home. Spend a day devoted to self-care, with activities like bedroom room yoga, journaling, a bubble bath, and positive podcasts.

Meditate as part of your wellness routine.

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Make Snowman Pancakes

Make a fun, festive morning meal that will warm you from the inside. This recipe from Today’s Parent is the perfect blend of savory and sweet. Make snowman pancakes with batter, bacon, blueberries, orange slices, and pretzel sticks. Combined, you can create cute, edible snowman pancakes for the whole family to enjoy.

Make your family a winter themed breakfast.

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Research Your Family Tree

What do you know about your ancestors? Researching your family tree can take you on an interesting journey to the past, to uncover where you come from. National Geographic suggests starting the project by speaking to your relatives. It’s a great excuse to connect with your family members. You may even learn surprising stories. From there, check local historical societies where your family lived. Look for newspaper records about your family, too. You can also order a DNA test, to find out your ancestral origins from generations ago.


Connect to your family history.

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Make Mason Jar Snow Globes

A 57-year-old Austrian named Erwin Perzy invented the first snow globe by accident in 1900 after trying to improve the brightness of a light bulb, according to the BBC. His family business made snow globes a worldwide sensation! You can make your own homemade snow globes to give your home a winter themed decor. Farm Wife Crafts suggests using a few household items, like a mason jar, toy figurines, and glitter

Decorate for winter with DIY decor.

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Enjoy an Afternoon Tea

The seventh Duchess of Bedford, Anna Maria Russell, invented the tradition of afternoon tea sometime around 1840, according to The British Museum. Break out the fine china and your Sunday best for an at-home high tea. For the full Victorian experience, set aside time in the late afternoon, between 3 pm to 5 pm. Your menu can include cucumber sandwiches, tarts, pastries, scones, and the tea of your choice.

Have a tea party at home.

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