7 Organic and Natural Baby Products for Your Little One

Everything that touches your baby’s skin should be natural and pure.


(FamVeld / Shutterstock.com)

You want everything that touches your baby to be wholesome and natural. That’s why you buy organic baby food, sustainably grown cotton clothing, and diapers made of natural products. All the baby products that you use on your baby’s skin should be as pure and natural as possible.

Some of the products on the market have synthetic materials and strong scents that can cause rashes, allergies, and irritate your baby’s sensitive skin. That’s why Goodnet decided to search out organic natural baby wipes, shampoos, powders, lotions, baby wash, diaper rash care, and more for your little one. You can purchase online or in stores.

Burt’s Bees’ Buzzing Baby Lotions

When most people think about Burt’s Bees, they link about lip balms. But this organic and natural ingredient company has a baby care line too. One of the best products is the nourishing fragrance-free and hypoallergenic baby lotion.

The Durham, North Carolina company's baby line also includes fragrance-free baby wash, baby wipes, and ointments. There is calming scented baby washes, baby oil, and other products including a buttermilk soap bar, and bubble bath. There is even a Baby Bee Box that makes a perfect gift for a new parent. Burt’s Bees is available in pharmacies and chain stores as well as online.

Baby Wash Crafted by Wash With Water Organics

This organic skincare company offers plant-based vegan and locally sourced ingredients in a skincare line for or every stage of life beginning with infants. There is a calming essence of lavender and vanilla 3-in-1 baby cleanser that gently cleans your baby without harming his or her delicate skin.

The baby line also contains baby lotions, bubble baths, and diaper creams. There is even an ultimate newborn bundle that makes a great baby shower gift. All are baby sensitive and a few are unscented. Crafted in Charleston South Carolina, you can order online.

Nature’s Baby Organics’ Baby Sanitizers

Since 2004, Nature’s Baby has been making EU approved organic baby products that are free from 1,400 harmful chemicals that can harm your baby’s tender skin. In today’s world even the littlest hands have to be sanitized and this company has some safe solutions including fragrance free 2 oz and 12 oz refills, 100 percent bamboo wipes, plus alcohol free spray and wipes. The company also carries bath and body care products and features an aromatherapy line. You can purchase online.

Babo Botanicals Super Sunscreens

Babo Botanicals offers your family botanical and mineral based skin care from babies through all stages of life. The baby sunscreen line has a large variety of vegan hypoallergenic options including clear zinc SPF30 sprays and lotions, and fragrance-free SPF 50 lotions and pump sprays.

The rest of the baby line includes eucalyptus bubble bath and soothing chest rub, sensitive baby fragrance free wash, moisturizing baby shampoo, and lotions. This certified B Corp company’s products that are made on an organic farm in upstate New York are available online. You can even buy gift cards as a baby shower gift.

Diaper Rash Treatments From California Baby

Pure and gentle 100 percent plant-based products from California Baby is the way to take care of your baby’s sensitive bottom. This certified women-owned company makes calendula cream crafted from essential oils and calendula flowers that are grown on their 100-acre certified organic farm in Santa Barbara.

Other baby products include sunscreen, bug repellants, fragrance free shampoo and bodywash, and a therapeutic combination wash for babies with eczema. There are also products for older kids and adults. All of the products are FDA approved and can be ordered online.

Babyganics’ Eco-Friendly Diapers & Wipes

This Long Island NY company, founded in 2002, is committed to raising the next generation of happy babies. That’s why Babyganics products are made of natural and organic ingredients that will never harm your baby’s delicate skin. There is a range of skin love eco-friendly diapers from newborn to size 6 as well as fragrance-free baby wipes to keep your little one clean and dry.

This versatile line of baby products includes laundry detergent, toy wash, sunscreen, bug repellants, bath products and much more. There is even a baby essentials gift box for new parents.  What’s great about the line is its ease of purchase. You can shop for Babyganics at local drug stores, supermarkets, and chains like Target and Walmart as well as online. Organic doesn’t have to break the bank.

Talc-Free Baby Powder from Era Organics

Trust this Clearwater Florida natural organic skincare company to keep your baby’s bottom covered with talc-free organic plant-based powder. This dusting powder provides gentle and safe protection against excess moisture and diaper rash. Era Organic’s baby line includes diaper balm, calendula rash cream, and sensitive rash cream. Everything to sooth your baby’s bottom. Purchase directly, or on Amazon.