7 Tips on Hosting an Ethical Baby Shower

Celebrate the new baby with no waste.


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(Ruth Black / Shutterstuck.com)

Hosting your sister or best friend's baby shower is a time-honored tradition. Today, showers are smaller and more intimate than before the pandemic but the theme of pampering the new parent-to-be and providing her with essentials for the impending arrival remains the same.

Baby showers typically use a lot of plastic decorations, balloons, cutlery, cups, and plates, plus a huge amount of wrapping paper. Even with fewer guests, all of this can add up to a lot of waste. But what if you choose to only use recyclable items?
Or take it one step further and only give gifts that are only ethically sourced without all the wasteful wrapping paper, ribbons, and bows.

Make your next baby shower an ethical and eco-friendly one and show a little love to our planet too. Here are a few tips:

Send an Eco-Friendly Shower Invitation
No trees are harmed if you send an electronic invitation. There are a myriad of e-invite sites that can even keep track of RSVPs, food if it is a potluck, and even gift registers. If you must send a printed invitation, Green Child Magazine suggests using a non-tree paper option like banana leaves or coconut fibers. 

Go Upscale
Use real linens, dishes and cutlery. Decorate with live plants that your guests can take home. Throw a thoroughly upscale and non-tacky shower.

Only Use Recyclable or Reusable Plastic
Skip the balloon decorations suggests Cause Artist. Balloons are made of latex and can take years to decompose and end up in landfills or go into the seas where they can injure fish and other aquatic life. Also, don't buy all the plastic banners, plastic storks or other decorations, or single-use plasticware. You can design your own decorations from recycled materials or compostable items.

Buy Local
Go to a farmers' market to buy local produce for veggie trays because transporting products a long distance leaves a large carbon footprint. shop in a local store to support your community whenever possible. Try to purchase fair trade items like chocolate and coffee.

Offer Eco-Gifts From a Green Registry
Help the parent-to-be create an online green gift registry. Kid Savers Network said that you can make one on Amazon or most baby stores. Pick out environmentally friendly diapers, natural shampoos and soaps, and only purchase 100 percent cotton clothing, sheets, and blankets for the little one. You can also buy homemade gifts on sites like Esty.

Skip the Wrapping Paper and all the Trimmings
Tell the guests to skip all the paper that will just end up in the trash. Kid Savers Network suggests that guests wrap the gifts in cloth diapers, towels, baby blankets or reusable shopping bags.

Serve Organic and Natural Foods
Most importantly, skip the meat because it is the most planet damaging food you can serve. There are more greenhouse gasses produced by meat farms than any other agriculture according to the UN. So, load up on organic plant-based foods, and healthy snacks like nuts. 

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