7 Valentine’s Day Gifts From the Heart

It’s not too late to find the perfect gift.


Give a perfect Valentine’s Day gift to the one you love.

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With Valentine’s Day less than a week away, you may decide to go with a box of chocolates and some roses. But you don’t have to settle for the usual when there is still time to do something personal that your partner will treasure on this special day.

Whether your loved one fancies coffee or tea, enjoys puzzles, or loves to watch a romantic movie, the perfect gift should reflect that, according to Real Simple. Goodnet has compiled just a few of the many gifts that are tailor-made for the one you love.

For the Coffee Lover

Buy a set of coffee themed mugs from any houseware store – or discount store if you are on a tight budget – and include a bag of your loved ones favorite coffee. You can substitute hot cocoa or tea. Add a croissant or muffin for a perfect Valentine’s breakfast treat.

A mug and coffee is perfect for a coffee lover.

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Gift a Plant

If your partner has a green thumb, a plant may be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Plants last so much longer than flowers. To make the gift love themed, choose a plant with heart shaped leaves, according to Better Homes and Gardens. Give your loved one a sweet heart hoya, hart fern, anthurium, or a string of hearts plant.

A beautiful string of hearts houseplant.

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Spa Day

Treat the one you love to a spa day to give the gift of pampering. No spas near you, no problem. Purchase a gift certificate for a manicure and pedicure. Or create your own at home spa with fragrant shower streamers or bath salts, scented candles, and a massage, suggested Real Simple.

Give a gift of selfcare.

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Warm Feet = a Warm Heart

Treat your Valentine to warm slippers to keep their feet warm and toasty, suggested Country Living. There’s still time to pick out cozy slippers at your favorite store or online. If  your valentine is the outdoorsy type, a warm pair of woolen socks will keep feet warm even while shoveling snow.

Warm and toasty feet.

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Bake a Gift

Want to give your sweetheart a sweet treat, don’t just go to your local store and buy a box of candy, Nothing beats a homemade treat, especially if it is baked with love, according to Good housekeeping. You can make a heart shaped cake using just ordinary cake pans, red velvet cupcakes, or heart shaped cookies.

Red velvet cupcakes for Valentines's Day.

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Watch a love Story

Instead of braving the cold to go out for dinner and a movie, Stay home and spend a cozy Valentine’s Day watching a romantic movie on Netflix. Add some of your partner’s favorite take-out and cuddle on the couch to make it a  perfect evening.

Watch a love story on Valentine's Day.

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Romantic Aromatherapy

Set the mood for love with essential oils and a diffuser. There is a myriad of essential oils for any mood. Ylang ylang is the fragrance for romance, lavender is calming, and rose oil helps to ease stress.

Diffuse ylang ylang oil to set the mood for love.

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