7 Ways to Eat Super Healthy Hummus

Here’s some summer meal ideas and hummus recipes.


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Hummus, the quintessential Middle Eastern dish is made of chickpeas, tahini – ground sesame seeds –, lemon juice, olive oil, and garlic and comes with a host of health and nutritional benefits. Packed with plant-based proteins, it is a superfood for vegetarians, vegans, and just about anyone.

A 100-gram serving of hummus provides almost eight grams of protein, carbs, fiber, vitamins and essential minerals like manganese, copper, folate, magnesium, iron, and more according to Healthline.

The healthy ingredients of hummus make it a great food to fight inflammation and its high fiber content is good for gut health. It is also a superior food choice for diabetics because of its low glycemic index and several of the ingredients of hummus may help reduce the risk of heart diseases.

You can buy hummus in most grocery stores or in Middle Eastern markets, but it is also easy to make yourself. Check out this super simple recipe from Inspired Taste.

Here are some great meal ideas and recipes to add this superfood to your diet:

Very Veggie Dip

Make a festive veggie dip for your family or to dress up summer parties or barbecues. Pair the multicolored vegetable tray with whole wheat pita chips for a balanced wholesome snack or summer meal.

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Hummus Flatbread Pizza is Sure to Please

This easy recipe from Bon Appetit calls for very few ingredients. All you need are four pitas, hummus, olive oil, feta cheese and an assortment of chopped veggies to go on top. Use whole wheat pitta and pair with a green salad for a delicious summer meal.

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Mediterranean Meets Mexican Tostadas

This recipe for grilled corn hummus tostadas from Taste of Home pairs two popular ethnic cuisines. It even contains two superfoods, hummus and avocado. What can be better?

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  Best Dressed Salad

Hummus dressing can make any salad even better. According to From My Bowl, all you need are three ingredients that you probably already have at home: hummus, Dijon mustard and lemon juice to make this simple salad dressing.

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One-Pot Chicken Dinner

Try this recipe for hummus crusted chicken from Gimme Some Oven for a light summer meal. Made with lean chicken breasts, summer squash, and with hummus substituted for heavy cream sauces, this is a very healthy dinner. Another plus is that this one-pot meal is a real time saver for people on the go.

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Healthy Sandwich Spread

Swap hummus for mayonnaise on sandwiches or wraps and turn ordinary into extraordinary. It will make the veggies in your simple summer lunch pop with flavor.

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Don’t Forget Falafel

While many countries claim falafel as their own, you don’t have to go to the Middle East to enjoy this healthy meal. Watch this YouTube from FeelGoodFoodie for an authentic Lebanese falafel recipe. Use dried chickpeas for the best result. If you don’t want to make it from scratch, you can buy falafel mixes in a supermarket near you.

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