7 Wellness Benefits of a Warm Bath

Soak up all these amazing healing benefits!

Preparing for a healing warm bath at home.

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Sometimes all you need is a long soak in a hot bath to reset for the day. Cultures around the world have practiced bathing as a form of wellness and relaxation for centuries, from the onsens of Japan to the saunas of Finland. So make sure to include a warm bath in your weekly wellness routine to soak up all these seven amazing benefits!

Baths boost mental health

If you have had a long day, run a hot bath. It will give an instant mood boost! Warm baths are said to improve mental and emotional health, according to the Cleveland Clinic. Warm temperatures may decrease the level of stress hormones in the body to help you feel calm. 

Enjoy even more mental relaxation by adding naturally soothing herbs to your bath water, like lavender or chamomile. 

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A good soak soothes muscles and joints

Soak away aches and pains with a long, hot bath. Whether you are an avid athlete or have suffered a recent injury, soaking in a hot bath may help ease muscle and joint pain. WebMD points out that adding Epsom salt, a combination of magnesium and sulfate to bath water, may help heal pain, bruises, swelling, and sprains.

An athletic man soaks his muscles in a warm bath.

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Balneotherapy for healing the skin

Science Direct recommends balneotherapy, a traditional therapy that uses natural, hot mineral baths for healing. You can find natural hot springs on every continent, like Turkey’s Pamukkale Thermal Pools, Canada’s Hot Springs Cove, New Mexico’s Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs, or the Kurokawa Onsen in Kyushu, Japan. Soaking in natural hot springs filled with minerals may help heal wounds and is used to treat a range of inflammatory diseases of the skin.

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Bathing is for breathing easier

Taking a hot bath can do wonders for your breathing, especially during the flu and cold season. Pentucket Medical explains how immersing your chest in warm water may increase lung capacity and oxygen intake. Plus, the bath steam may help open up stuffy noses and clear sinuses. 

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A hot bath provides similar benefits to jogging

Want the benefits of walking, jogging, or cycling without the impact on your joints? Believe it or not, taking a hot bath may provide health benefits similar to working out! Research from Temperature found that warm water makes your heart beat faster, and an hour long hot bath provides benefits similar to 30 minutes of light exercise.

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Helps to lower blood pressure

People who include a hot bath in their regular wellness routine may improve their heart health, too. Dr. Adolph Hutter, professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, told Harvard Health that the high temperatures of hot baths cause the blood vessels to dilate, which reduces blood pressure

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A great moisturizer for  dry hair, skin, and eyes

The skin and eyes can get dry, particularly during winter months. Soaking in a warm bath helps restore moisture. By adding certain oils or salts to the water, you will benefit from even more hydration. Well+Good recommends pouring a cup of olive oil, eucalyptus, or tea tree oils into your bath water for softer skin.

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