Cultivate Wines Mix Business, Pleasure and Giving

One company's innovative way to give

Jan 8, 2013

Image: from Cultivate Wines

As a retailer of vino, Cultivate Wines mix business and pleasure, by definition. In fact, their business is pleasure. Yet for this company, it's not just about fun and games. Committed to social responsibility, Cultivate are true to their name in every sense of the word: they are a cultivator of change. 
They do so with their GIVE program - giving back the first 10 cents of every dollar to nonprofits engaged with basic needs and education. GIving 10% of sales to charity is admirable in and of itself, yet Cultivate go the extra mile by offering their clientele a chance to voice their opinion: to select the nonprofits who will benefit from hefty donations, customers are invited to vote for the winners based on video pitches posted online. 
2012 was the GIVE's first year, during which Cultivate donated $404,000 to 45 organizations - with the help of customers. This platform, which merges the power of social media, individual impact and a good-hearted spirit, epitomizes innovation in the field of doing good. Let's drink to that! [Source: Cultivate Wines]

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