8 Fun Facts for Father’s Day to Make You Smile

These trivia facts are sure to entertain.


A happy father and son.

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Father’s Day is just around the corner. While there isn’t as much hype around Father’s Day as there is for Mother’s Day, this is a very special holiday that celebrates dads, step-dads, and grandfathers young and old alike. From stay-at-home dads to working men outside the home, it’s time to honor these important people in your life.

But how much do you really know about the holiday that is held on the third Sunday of June? Check out these eight trivia fun facts about Father’s Day. It’s sure to make you smile, laugh, and enjoy this special day.

First Father’s Day

Father’s day actually has a birth mother, reported NPR. That’s because the idea for a day honoring dads was conceived by Sonora Dodd who was raised by her father after her mother died in childbirth. In 1910, she started thinking of everything her dad did for her growing up and she pushed for a day to honor him and other fathers. The first Father’s Day was held in Spokane, Washington but was not an official holiday in the US until 1972.

A father with his infant child.

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Father’s Day Has an Official Flower

Just like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day also has an official flower, according to the blog My Kids Time. It was an early tradition for fathers to wear a red rose to church services on their special day. While the tradition is not followed so much anymore, giving your dad a red rose is a great way to celebrate the day.

Red roses for Father's Day.

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75 Million Dads

There are 75 million fathers in the US, reported NPR. These include biological, adopted, and step dads. That’s actually six out of 10 men. While 61 percent become dads in their twenties, an additional 20 percent become dads between the ages of 30 to 34. Age is relative, when it comes to parenting what you really need is love!

A dad with his adult son.

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A Royal Day

In Thailand, Father’s Day is celebrated on the King’s birthday on December 5, according to the blog My Kids Time. It is a tradition to do good deeds to mark the day (and not just for your dad). There are also fireworks to celebrate dads.

Father's Day in Thailand,

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Like Father - Like Son

There have been two sets of father–son presidents in the US. John Adams and his son John Quincy Adams and George H.W. Bush and his son George W. Bush. These sons went into their family business!

Famous fathers and sons who held the highest office.

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Hallmark Moment

Father’s Day is the fourth largest card giving holiday in the US, coming behind Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas, according to the greeting card company Hallmark, with over 72 million cards exchanged every year for the holiday. Around half of them are purchased for dads, with ones from daughters being the largest category, but other cards are for husbands, grandfathers, sons, and uncles.

A daughter giving a card to her father,

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Most Common Gifts

While flowers are the most popular gift for moms on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day takes a different twist. The most common gifts for dads, include ties, a meal out, electronic gadgets, and gift cards, according to the suits me blog. After all, when in doubt, give the gift that “ties” you to your dad.

Giving dad a tie for Father's Day

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Seahorses are special Dads

In the marine world, seahorses are very special dads. According to My Kids Time, it’s the male  seahorse that carries the eggs and gives birth to the babies.

Mediterranean seahorse.

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