8 Ways Body Language Will Make You More Attractive

Developing confidence, changing our body language, and pursuing a life of purpose and passion will bring out your true inner beauty.


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Regardless of what magazines and advertisers might say, beauty is really in the eye of the beholder. Learning to embrace ourselves for who we are, inside and out, resonates confidence and makes us more attractive. Work with what you got!

Sure, the way we look makes an impression, but that doesn’t always mean the looks we are born with. We can attract people through how we carry ourselves. Developing confidence, changing our body language, and pursuing a life of purpose and passion will also make a big impact to attract the right people.

1. Carry yourself with confidence

Many people consider confidence the most attractive quality in a person. It creates an aura that draws people in. Take a little time to work on confidence with self-affirmation and positive thinking. Developing self-esteem and believing in ourselves will make us feel better and also make us more attractive. If you have confidence in yourself, others will follow suit.

2. Give genuine compliments

Confident people aren’t afraid to praise others for their strengths. Paying genuine compliments empowers those around you and makes them feel good, leading them to gravitate towards you. This kind of positivity will make you stand out and leaves a good impression.

3. Use the right amount of eye contact

The right amount of eye contact gives the impression of confidence. On the other hand, averting your gaze downward when someone speaks to you makes you seem insecure and less attractive. Try not to stare intensely, but rather maintain a soft, relaxed gaze. You may also want to lean in with your ear to listen while the other person speaks to show your interest in the other person. This will come across as warm and confident while also making the other person feel heard.

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4. Smile!

A genuine smile can light up the room. In fact, research shows that smiling generates more likeability. Not only that but smiling actually activates endorphins in our brain, a group of hormones that make us feel happy. On top of that, smiling is contagious. A sincere smile is a surefire way to look more attractive and feel good too!

5. Have a good attitude

Just like smiling, a good attitude is contagious. Having a positive attitude makes those around you feel good and will make them want to spend more time with you. When talking to people, don’t complain, whine, or say mean things about others. Rather focus on positivity, notice the good in others, and show gratitude about the blessings in your life. You can train yourself to have a better attitude by writing down a few things you are grateful for in a journal each day.

6. Show interest in others

Being interesting means being interested, and no one wants to have a conversation with someone that only talks about themselves. Asking questions, listening actively, and showing genuine interest in someone will make them feel good about themselves. They’ll remember that and feel more drawn to you.

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7. Pursue your passions

Living a life you love will naturally radiate excitement and attract people to you. Whether you enjoy reading, traveling, dancing, or mountain climbing, explore the hobbies you love. This will make you more interesting and fulfilled while also attracting others who share the same passions.

8. Take pride in your appearance

Those with high self-esteem will take better care of themselves by eating the right foods, getting enough sleep, practicing good hygiene, and staying active. Developing an individual sense of style also provides a great outlet for self-expression. You don’t need to look like a supermodel, but taking pride in your appearance leaves a great impression.