8 Works of Art Created on 8 Distinct Art Mediums [LIST]

iPads, flames and good old fashioned crayons are used to make innovative artistic creations.


Graffitti art on the boardwalk

A bit of graffitti art on the boardwalk. (Stuart Monk / Shutterstock.com)

The world of art is vast and diverse, encompassing a variety of styles and expressions. In creating, artists are in the unique position to find different ways to express themselves while connecting to others through their artistic creations. This selection of eight captivating videos shows the artistic process in motion, highlighting eight different art mediums that may just surprise you.


Artist Steven Spazuk uses a technique called fumage, in which he uses the flame of a candle or torch as a pencil to create his paintings with trails of soot. This fascinating video is beautiful to watch as Spazuk uses the plumes of soot to guide his artistic vision, adding extra details with paint brushes and even feathers.


Artist Kyle Lambert uses the app Procreate on his iPad to uncannily paint a portrait of famed actor Morgan Freeman. While this looks like it could be fake, it's 100% original


Animation and pottery merge together in this beautiful video from the UK Craft Council. Prepare to be mesmerized by the spinning pottery wheel and its delightful animated creation.  


Artist Melanie Hoff has created a new form of art, sending electrical currents through pieces of wood. The darkened currents look like trees and branches making the wooden canvas a beautiful platform to present her masterpieces.


Red - the artist Hong Yi - created this portrait of famous singer Adele from votive candles. The singer's hit Set Fire to the Rain plays in the background as we watch Red’s artistic process from start to finish. The intrepid artist is a big fan of using unusual items to create art as can be seen from her coffee portrait and painting made by soccer balls.


Works of art can be created using the simplest of supplies. This video is an ode to starting the school year, as a lovely portrait is made using solely pencils and crayons.


No matter what the weather, these wall dogs – a term used to describe sign muralists – work at high altitudes suspended in the air, lugging up to 5,000 pounds of paint at a time to complete massive outdoor billboards. The occupation hasn’t changed much in the past two hundred years, and artists Jason Coatney and Armando Balmaceda passionately explain the ins and outs of their jobs at the hand-painted advertising company Colossal Media.


The view of the Manhattan skyline from the Empire State Building is expertly recreated in this timelapsed artistic feat. The talented artist Patrick Vale draws finely and intricately, managing to include all the minor details to make the drawing come alive. While the video is only one minute long, it took Vale around five days to complete the drawing.