9 Inspiring Newsletters That You’ll Always Want to Read

Email subscriptions your inbox will love.

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Treat your inbox to some beautiful newsletters (baranq / Shutterstock.com)

The average person spends 28% of their work week reading and answering emails - that’s over a quarter of each day in your inbox. While this mode of communication may be the reality of the modern workplace, it does have a tendency to be on the drier side of human interaction.

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Enter the email newsletter. When selected carefully, these regular shout outs have the potential to brighten up your inbox, delivering inspiration right when you need it most. From scientific tips on getting happier to uplifting videos and thought-provoking articles, these newsletters are all so interesting and beautifully presented that you’ll want to stop what you’re doing when they arrive and dive in - every time.


This healthy site is on a mission - to revitalize the way you eat, move and live. How? With a diverse team of talented writers covering topics from personal growth and meditation to nutrition, yoga and herbs.
WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT: MindBodyGreen’s newsletters are packed with tips, tools and ideas to bring new practices into your life, and to encourage you to keep doing the awesome things you’re already doing. Each email features the site’s top stories, along with suggestions for video courses such as ‘The Complete Guide to Juicing and Blending’ and ‘The Art of Living with Purpose.’  


StumbleUpon is, well, whatever you want it to be. One of the most brilliant aggregation tools around, the platform lets you choose which topics tickle your fancy, then brings you the best of the web, whenever you want it. As the user you can further sculpt the offerings, by giving feedback about what you like best.
WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT: StumbleUpon’s weekly emails are tailored to your preferences, bringing interest and inspiration to your inbox in the form of lists, photos and videos. There’s always something to click which is going to make your day that little bit better.


Happify is an app and website which integrates the science of happiness into daily exercises, games, and activities that can help you achieve a greater state of well-being. Signing up grants access to dozens of tracks and forums on relationships, career, health and much more.
WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT: Happify’s emails are always bright and happy - no surprises there! They regularly introduce the experts behind the app’s various tracks, an impressive bunch of research scientists, positive psychologists, coaches and other practitioners in the field. The updates also introduce new features, and share articles and infographics to help you along on your happiness journey.


This beautiful, minimalist blog is chock full of tips and ideas for how to make your life more - you guessed it - zen. On the pages of the black and white site, creator Leo Babauta shares his advice on finding simplicity in our often chaotic daily lives. His posts are down-to-earth, deep, and wholly inspiring.
WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT: Each Zen Habits email brings you a full post - no links to click or decisions to make. Take a break from your work, read, ponder, and then get back to your day feeling that little bit more conscious about how you live your life.  


While perhaps an unlikely addition to this list, LinkedIn is an incredibly intuitive resource for helping you be the best you can be. The 300 million-strong social network thrives on connecting professionals, to help them meet their goals and increase productivity.
WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT: Depending on which newsletters you sign up for, you can get a variety of updates on your individual connections, as well as relevant articles related to your field. The LinkedIn Pulse newsletter is especially fitting for short, engaging breaks from regular emails.


This website is a vast collection of videos that aren’t made especially for children, but are perfect for them. Each clip has its own “wow” factor, spanning educational topics such as science and technology, art, music and DIY.
WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT: The Kid Should See This newsletters each contain four new video posts from the site, along with one from the archives. It’s the perfect email to save for those times when you just can’t read another word - but could do with a dose of wonder. And remember to share them with the little people in your life later on!


Beautifully-written with a whole lot of soul, Brain Pickings is the “one-woman labor of love” of writer Maria Popova. She’s passionate about sharing her musings on what it means to live a good life - and it makes for a whole lot of super interesting reading.
WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT: Expect the unexpected. Popova’s weekly digest covers an incredibly broad range of topics, sharing poems and prose, musical inspiration and book recommendations, comics and philosophy. Perfect for when you feel the urge to dive into intellectual territory.

And of course - if you’re not already subscribed to Goodnet’s biweekly updates, now’s the time! From bite-size acts of goodness to a selection of our top articles - your inbox will thank you for it.