Solutions for a Packaging-Free Planet

One designer's brilliant ideas

A plastic model.

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A staggering 140 billion pounds of packaging are thrown away every year in the United States. As our lovely planet's resources are gradually dwindling, package designer Aaron Mickelson came up with an intelligent proposal: The Disappearing Package.
The project offers alternative packaging for 5 household products - OXO containers, Tide laundry detergent, Glad garbage bags, Twining’s tea bags and Nivea soap - so that they "disappear". The proposals aim to completely eliminate - or at least, significantly curtail - the amount of trash from packing.
For example, a Nivea soap's package is made of water-soluble paper - so it completely dissolves when it gets wet, and Tide PODs are stitched together into a perforated sheet that bears all product insignia in water soluble ink.
The Disappearing Package's ideas are intelligent and, if applied, could make a real difference for the planet. But perhaps more importantly, the Disappearing Package is thought provoking and inspires conversation about our role in creating a sustainable planet. [Source: The Disappearing Package]

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