The Soccer Ball that Can Generate Electricity

SOCCKET: playing results in electricity


A child holding a soccer ball.

(Natee K Jindakum /

A soccer ball that can generate electricity? You heard right! The smart folks at Uncharted Play have developed SOCCKET, a portable generator housed in a soccer ball. Taking into consideration that the most popular sport in the world is soccer, and 1 in 5 people live without electricity, this innovative invention has the potential to make a major impact. The water resistant ball comes complete with a single bulb LED lamp that with 30 minutes of play can produce 3 hours of light!
The US manufactured SOCCKET is currently on Kickstarter, and is looking to expand its production capabilities in order to provide electricity to those around the globe who lack. This awesome product is endorsed by none other than the former President Bill Clinton, and is the perfect mix of creativity, practicality and good doing. [Source: Uncharted Play]

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