All About the New Hub Helping Fashion Soar!

At this friendly center, people can mend, make and swap gorgeous clothes.

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Clothes. They’re something we think about every day, whether we do it consciously or not. What to wear, where to buy it,  did I wash it or what is he wearing? We actually use plenty of our brain power on clothes-related subjects, even those of us who are less concerned with the subject. Because, like food and shelter, we can’t go a day without them!  Which is why Stitched Up, the new Manchester venture with a motto of “Inspiring action on sustainable fashion”, is so compelling.

Maybe you’re the type of person who uses clothes as a mode of self expression, and enjoys picking out your outfit every morning, or perhaps you feel like clothing is a necessary evil. Whichever the case may be, some of us are pretty opinionated about our choice of wear, the brands we support and what all of that says about us. However, we might be missing a key element; the life cycles of the garments we cover ourselves with.

Fighting for the future of sustainable fashion
Stitched Up opened in 2011 when six women bonded over their passion for fashion, reports Forever Manchester. These women saw the huge amount of clothing items and materials being wasted due to the predominant fast-fashion mentality. This fuels the idea that outfits are disposable rather than enduring items to be treasured and adapted when necessary. 

To counter this “throwaway” approach to fashion, Stitch Up not only allows people to use their sewing machines and tools to mend their own clothes. They are also invited to work on the quality secondhand material that they purchase to design new garments with. 

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This project takes sustainability several steps further in other ways too,  by creating a space that makes it easy for visitors to share their vision of getting more mileage out of preloved apparel. They encourage supporters to swap clothes at their monthly events. They also hold popular workshops in the space, where they offer classes where locals can learn about upcycling and how to use a sewing machine to mend clothes. A recurring course  is called “Zero to Hero! Learn to sew in a day”, there’s a “T-Shirt Upcycling Challenge” happening in September 2022, and a summer course aimed at kids titled “My first sewing project.”

“Everything that we do,” says Stitched Up co-founder Bryony Moore, “is about trying to find ways to help you keep your own clothes in use for longer. We exist to show that sustainable clothing is accessible and affordable.”

Much more than a hub; a community
The hub is located at a Manchester shopping center and if you peek in the door, you’ll see a room scattered with colorful fabrics, sewing machines and people walking around carrying items of clothing You’ll also see lots of bright fabrics and people chatting with each other while they work on their new creations or on their computers. Clearly, most of the Switch Up events have a social component, which serves to promote community and a sense of belonging that combat social isolation and inspire mental health. 

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Shopping center visitors often walk in and inquire about the unique-looking shop. Positive News, a platform that helps challenge the bad news bias, reports that the social aspect of the hub; helping people make friends is just as important to the founders of this venture as promoting more planet- friendly clothing habits. After all, an enjoyable sustainable lifestyle is one that is much more likely to stick!

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