The App That Gives You Tips for Healthy Eating Habits

Nutrino takes goals, tastes and lifestyle into account and suggests healthy meals

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The Paleolithic diet advises eating mainly meat and vegetables, yet vegan proponents swear by the ethical and health benefits of a plant and grain-based diet. Atkins fans say the secret is skipping the carbs, while Aussie health guru Joe Cross will tell you it's all about juice. We all want to develop healthy eating habits – but is anyone else confused?
Motivated by this mass of well-meaning contradictions, a new health app for the iPhone is looking to bring some clarity – so you can stop reading article after article on healthy eating habits and start actually getting healthy. Nutrino wades through the latest research, takes into account your goals, tastes and lifestyle, and comes up with meal plans and healthy eating tips for you to choose from. The recipes are simple, personalized and varied, and you always have the option to swipe through suggestions to find something that appeals.
The health app can also synchronize with other fitness apps so you can combine goals – to work out more, for example, or to eat more vegetables. And the proverbial cherry on top? Nutrino will build you a grocery list, filled with food your body will love. Time to hit the supermarket!

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