The Aussie Nonprofit That Makes Doing Good Easy for All

Goodcompany is the one-stop-shop for making a difference Down Under.

Jun 3, 2015
Hands in

Lending a hand - it's the Australian thing to do (Shutterstock)

The Australian nonprofit Goodcompany is all about doing good - as its name would suggest! The organization acts as a connector, allowing people to donate time, money or gift vouchers to those who need it most. With an online funding function as well as a volunteer matching portal, Goodcompany empowers individuals and businesses alike to help change the world however they can.

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Goodcompany started off as Karma Currency back in 2007, with a focus on charitable giving. In 2011, the organization transformed into Goodcompany when it added the volunteering element - closing the circle to connect good doers of all shapes and sizes.
To date, Goodcompany’s impact has been significant - over 30,000 good doers have donated some 154,581 hours and over $4 million towards making a difference to Australia and the rest of the world. Among hundreds of causes, the organization has sponsored children in need, provided emergency aid relief, supported important medical research and campaigned for animal rights.
Goodcompany itself is in good company - the land Down Under is a melting pot of positive action in recent years. From inspirational dolls to laundromats on wheels, the organization joins a host of positive initiatives that started in Australia and grew to inspire the world.