Barbie’s Image Gets a Makeover for the Modern Age [VIDEO]

Barbie is being rebranded - for the better.

Oct 19, 2015

“Girls have limitless potential” is the blaring message behind Barbie’s newly released ad.  The two-minute video shows girls “imagining the possibilities” as they lecture to a college class, examine a dog in a veterinary clinic, or lead a soccer team through warm-up drills. With the power of imagination, the girls transform into businesswomen, museum docents, and college professors.

The video is a conscious effort by Barbie to modernize their image. As Evelyn Mazzocco, Barbie’s general manager, told Adweek: “We want to remind the world what Barbie stands for. Founded by a female entrepreneur and mother in 1959, the Barbie brand has always represented the fact that women have choices.”

While the Barbie dolls has been taken to task for reinforcing unrealistic standards for women’s bodies, this new video – besides being incredibly funny and light-hearted - is a step in the right direction.

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