The Book That Grows into a Tree [VIDEO]

An Argentinean children’s book grows into tree after it’s planted.

May 28, 2015

Argentina is a country of avid readers, with more than 6 million books produced each month resulting in 45 million pages per day. All of these books are being made from trees – lots of them.
A small children’s book publisher, Pequeño Editor, had a novel idea to create a book that when planted becomes a tree. Tree Book Tree is made with acid-free paper, jacaranda seeds and ecological ink making it safe for planting.
The plantable book is an educational tool for kids with a story about the forests of Ecuador. The book containins a strong ecological message that is solidified with the actual planting of the book. Kids learn about the building blocks of sustainability and the importance of caring for the world’s natural resources.
Tree Book Tree is part of a growing trend of seed-embedded products from pencils to wrapping paper, and since its launch in March 2015, has been getting a lot of buzz. Using creativity and sustainable thinking, Pequeño Editor is growing both trees and children’s minds with the very first tree that comes from a book.

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