Bridge&Tunnel Fashions Change For Workers And Environment

Recycled, resewn, repurposed

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(Courtesy of Bridge&Tunnel/Baroquine Photography)

Hamburg based fashion label Bridge&Tunnel wants everyone to have equal opportunity for employment, even if they don’t have a diploma.

Another priority? Keeping their products sustainable. Co-founders Constanze and Lotte set out do good for two important causes.

Their decision to create products out of recycled jeans decreases the amount of waste generated by producing denim (including reducing the amount of water and pesticides involved in the process), as many companies’ inventory goes to waste.

To do their part in saving the environment, Bridge&Tunnel recycles gently used denim for beautiful, sustainable products.

The company also provides a nurturing and positive working atmosphere for women struggling to find employment.

Constanze and Lotte’s legacy also encourages workers to take pride in their work, by leaving room for the employee who stitched the final seam to autograph the piece.

The personal touch is a subtle reminder both for the company to recognize their team’s hard work and for customers, who can see that their products were handcrafted.

To inspire their employees even further, the production manager presents training sessions so seamstresses can sharpen their skills.

Through various efforts, Bridge&Tunnel is selling quality products at a fair price, all while supporting and encouraging the talented team.

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