Connecting Hearts: Volunteer Opportunities in Israel During Challenging Times

Discover meaningful ways to make a difference.

(Photo courtesy @ Ruach Tova)

In the face of adversity, the strength of a community is often measured by its ability to come together and support one another. Israel, a nation with a rich history and a resilient spirit, has faced one of its greatest challenges in the wake of a brutal Hamas terrorist attack on October 7th 2023. During these trying times, a special effort listing urgent volunteer opportunities was launched by Ruach Tova, (Good Spirit in Hebrew), a part of the Arison group. The initiative connects potential volunteers seeking to make a positive impact on Israeli society with meaningful volunteer opportunities. 

Lighting the way through the darkness
In these moments of crisis, the power of volunteering shines through, providing individuals with the chance to contribute to the wellbeing of their fellow citizens. Businesswoman and philanthropist Shari Arison believes that spreading light and love in the world can help light the way during difficult times. It is these values that embody the important work of Ruach Tova. In a heartfelt facebook post she stated,“Only light and love can win over the darkness in the world… when you enter a dark room and turn on the light, the darkness disappears… this is the time to resonate light and love in all its glory… resonate, resonate, resonate.”

The Ruach Tova website serves as a central hub, collating information about diverse volunteer opportunities that cater to a range of skills, interests, and time commitments. Adding a special filter to the search engine to show listings relevant to this challenging period has enabled potential volunteers to get matched with opportunities in an efficient and professional manner. During this period, over 200 volunteer opportunities have been listed, with over 7,000 volunteers placed in volunteer settings. 

“In these challenging times, we were able to leverage our connections and ongoing work with private organizations, non-profit groups and local municipalities throughout Israel to publicize as many volunteer opportunities as possible; gathering and consolidating all information that came our way. We worked with communities who were forced to evacuate from the south and the north of the country and also with people from the weaker sectors of society who have also been impacted by the crisis,” Ruach Tova CEO, Ido Lotan told Goodnet.   

Impact and outreach
The Ruach Tova website boasts a user-friendly interface that allows visitors to easily navigate through different categories of volunteer opportunities. Whether one is interested in community outreach, emergency relief or educational programs, the site provides a comprehensive list of options. In times of crisis, circumstances can change rapidly. The website ensures that its information is regularly updated to reflect the most current needs and opportunities. This real-time aspect enables potential volunteers to respond promptly to emerging situations.

Recognizing the diversity of skills and interests within the Israeli volunteer community, the website offers filtering options allowing users to tailor their search based on location, type of activity, and time commitment, ensuring that they find opportunities that align with their preferences.“Whenever possible we have contacted volunteers to follow up with them and get their feedback on their experiences. We are always looking for ways to improve and make the most accurate matches of volunteers’ skill sets and expectations with volunteer opportunities,” Lotan explained.  

When a society faces a crisis, volunteerism emerges as a beacon of hope, and the Ruach Tova website listing volunteer opportunities in Israel stands as a testament to the indomitable spirit of its people. By providing a platform that connects willing hearts with meaningful causes, the website contributes to the ongoing narrative of community strength and support in the face of adversity. As challenges persist, the commitment to volunteerism continues to weave a tapestry of compassion and solidarity across the nation.

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