The Crowdfunding Movement for Sustainable Food

Barnraiser is looking to change the food industry by giving a voice to sustainable food and farming initiatives.

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Sustainable food.

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Crowdfunding has taken the world by storm with platforms that fund books, solar energy, medical treatments and more. Now joining the mix is Barnraiser, which is looking to radically change the food industry by giving a voice to sustainable food and farming initiatives. The idea to create a social and funding community was initiated by entrepeneur Eileen Gordon. Together with her husband Michael Chiarello, an Emmy-winning TV host and chef, the two have lived and breathed food, building brands, opening restaurants and creating TV shows.
Gordon wanted to create a space for food innovators to come together, share their stories and raise money for food related projects dreamt up by what the site calls modern-day food heroes. There are a range of projects looking for support such as Goldilocks Goodies fresh-baked, gluten-free treats and the New Farmer Fund, which wants to help start-up farming, foraging and food making projects with pre-paid orders, processing space and business mentorship.
The site supplies a healthy portion of contributors who share their stories from the diverse fields of ranching, aquaponics, bees and community farming. Their stories provide inspiration and helpful tips with articles about the best farm camps in the United States and how to make gardening fun and educational for kids.
Started in 2014, Barnraiser is well on its way to serving up a new sustainable style of food to the collective table.

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