Embrace the Sacred Power of Shakti

Unleash your highest self by tapping into the sacred power of Shakti.

Release your divine energy through shakti.

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Shakti which translates to  power or empowerment, is the divine female energy expressed as the creative power of the Universe. In Hinduism, shakti presents an all-encompassing force expressed in many forms, according to Yogapedia.  As a representation of the feminine divine, shakti is a catalyst of positive change throughout many centuries.

Believed to have originated in ancient India, shakti was associated with goddesses such as Parvati, Durga, and Kali, according to a blog on Chopra. Her archetype symbolizes strength, fertility, and power.

Known today as cosmic energy, shakti is widely revered as a universal force. All living things possess the innate creativity of shakti. Learn more about its sacred power.

Shakti experiences 
The concept of shakti has evolved over time with different interpretations and manifestations, according to the educational platform Asia Society. People have different experiences with shakti, ranging from feeling inner strength to feeling awe and reverence. 

You can feel the energy of shakti in many ways in your everyday life. People often find themselves more connected to their intuition, inspired to take action, or filled with compassion when attuned to its power.

Shakti exists in many forms, levels, and expressions in the universe, according to Yoga Basics. As a cosmic force, Parashakti generates sunlight, rotation of the planets, heat, and other forms of gross energy. 

Jnana Shakti represents Shakti of intellect, wisdom, and intuition, whereas a person's intent, action, and will reflect through their Iccha-Shakti

Inspiration, creativity, and manifestation are all characteristics of the Kriya-Shakti. But among all forms of shakti, Kundalini-Shakti is the most significant. As a source of electricity and magnetism in nature, Kundalini-Shakti also exists as a hidden shakti at the base of the spine.

For many, shakti ignites a gentle force that brings peace and balance to their lives. So how can one tap into this divine power

Connect with shakti through meditation and prayer
Through meditation and prayer, you can connect with the power of Shakti within. You can welcome its presence into your everyday life and align with the universal life force by spending moments in silence, according to the Yoga Journal. 

To ignite shakti through meditation, begin by setting the intention to connect with the divine energy within. From this place of intent, flow through a full mental body scan from head to toe. While doing so, acknowledge any sensations in any particular body parts to create awareness. After this, imagine vibrant, glowing energy radiating all around your entire body. If any distracting thoughts arise, simply let them pass by. Stay in this place for as long as you feel called to, zoning in on the sacred power of shakti.

Benefits of cultivating shakti 
Whether or not you are striving for enlightenment, there are many benefits to cultivating conscious awareness and Shakti, according to Yoga Basics. 

As your shakti increases, your chakras adjust to accommodate the extra energy. Kundalini-Shakti then produces more shakti energy within the body due to your body's ability to accommodate more energy. And more Sshakti flowing in our body stimulates creativity, inspiration, intellect, wisdom, and will.

Ultimately, the power of shakti is respected and celebrated. It is a reminder that everyone possesses an inner strength they can tap into. Take some time to explore and discover the power of shakti for yourself. Whether through meditation or prayer, you’re sure to find comfort in this divine energy and use it to bring peace and balance into your life. 

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