Embrace Your Inner Child at Camp Unplugged

Go back to camp this summer


(Volodya Senkiv / Shutterstock.com)

Arian Shirakhoon wants people to be remembered for who they are--not what they do. Shirakhoon founded Camp Unplugged to challenge ‘campers’ to indulge in a digital detox (no phones, computers, wifi, social media, clocks, or tv), discover their inner child, and embrace spending two days rediscovering their passions.

While campers must leave their phones at check in and agree not to engage in any “work talk,” they’re also embarking on a stress-free weekend, completely ‘off-the-grid,’ where they can get to know themselves better and form meaningful relationships with fellow participants.

Camp Unplugg’d is a three-night summer camp where adults ages 18-120 (really!) are invited to eat healthy foods, participate in fun activities such as painting, hiking, dance parties, rock climbing, and reconnect with yourself and old friends. Camp unplugged is located in Prescott, Arizona, and is from August 25-27th.

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