Exploring Reflexology for Each Chakra

Enjoy mind, body, and soul healing from the feet up.

Foot massages can help balance your chakras.

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As one of the oldest healing methods, reflexology is a special massage technique that follows a physical touch approach with an energetic-shift response. It goes beyond just a simple ‘foot massage’ and ignites full body relaxation. All seven chakras are aligned through chakra balancing reflexology, which combines foot massages with energy healing techniques.

What is Reflexology?
Reflexology is a specific massage technique that focuses on the feet with the intention to alleviate stress. According to the Mayo Clinic, certain areas of the foot correspond to organs and systems in the body that promote healing and help to relieve tension. Reflexologists believe that aches and pains are normally the results of energy imbalances, so they work to balance all of the chakras in the body so that every organ, gland, and tissue functions correctly. By reinforcing the energy in muscle, organ, and tissue reflexologists can then heal the pain source. 

Stimulating these through reflexology sends signals up and through the body to decrease blood pressure, promote healthy circulation, and enhance overall well-being, according to a study published in The National Library of Medicine. 

With 15,000 nerves in your feet alone, it’s no wonder people rant and rave about this therapeutic treatment!

 Root Chakra 

Located at the base of the spine, the root chakra represents your basic needs for survival. When out of balance, this can show up through anxiety, fear, and feelings of disconnect.

Enki Very Well suggests that in terms of the root chakra, the spinal column and the sacrococcygeal nerve plexus form the basic structure of the body. A deep connection is established between the root chakra and the energy of the earth through your  legs and feet. People suffering from sciatica may receive relief through chakra balancing reflexology as the sciatic nerve connects with the first chakra.

Sacral Chakra 

The sacral chakra is located in the lower abdomen, two inches under your navel, and is home to your creativity.  When out of balance, a person may experience emotional instability.

Through reflexology, sacral healing can be achieved. According to the Reflexology Map, the sacral chakra healing point on the foot relates to the adrenal glands and lies at the point where the calcaneus joins with the navicular.

Solar Plexus Chakra 

As the solar plexus chakra or manipura, represents your inner power and self-esteem. Physical manifestations of imbalances of the solar plexus can include fatigue, slowed metabolism, and tension.

All Chakras suggest that the area located at the center of the boundary between the balls of the feet and midsoles in the foot is linked to the solar plexus chakra. Massaging this area can help to heal these imbalances.

Heart Chakra 

The heart chakra is home to love, passion, and forgiveness. A heart chakra imbalance manifests as feelings of hatred, selfishness, jealousy, and betrayal.

The inner ball of the foot is linked to the heart chakra, according to the website Holistic Reflexology, so massaging this pressure point can ignite loving, healing energy. 

Throat Chakra

The throat chakra allows you to express yourself and speak your truth. When the throat chakra is out of balance you may fear expressing yourself and find it difficult to listen to others. Physical symptoms appear through neck pain, a sore throat, and hormone fluctuation (relating to the thyroid).

You can locate the throat point on your big toe's webbing between the second and third toe, according to All Chakras. You can massage this area by pressing and twisting to apply pressure to the point with the knuckle of your index finger.

Ajna Chakra

Located in between the eyebrows, the third-eye chakra is where your intuition exists. An unbalanced third-eye chakra can cause headaches, vision problems, and attachments to external factors.

Based on the theory shared on the  Reflexology Map, the third-eye chakra is associated with the pituitary gland in the area of the foot where the first and second phalanges meet.

Crown Chakra

Hovering outside of the physical body, just above your head is the crown chakra. This seventh chakra is the gateway to the spiritual realm that invites you to connect with your higher self. Greed, materialism, and excessive egoism are signs of imbalance. 

There are also physical manifestations of an imbalance of the crown chakra, such as headaches, fatigue, and mental illness. When it comes to chakra balancing reflexology for the crown chakra, Reiki Rays suggests that this pressure point is most sensitive at the tip of the big toe and the one next to it.