Introducing Reflexology for Healing

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Give yourself a healing foot massage using reflexology charts.

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Reflexology is an ancient practice passed down over thousands of years. Our ancestors recognized that applying pressure to specific points in the feet as well as the ears and hands provides healing benefits throughout the body. Discover more about this ancient healing technique and how to apply reflexology to feel your best.

The Origins of Reflexology

For as long as people walked the earth, they looked for ways to heal and restore, and reflexology represents one of the oldest healing practices. Archaeologists even found evidence of reflexology on the Egyptian tomb of Ankhamor built in 2330 BC, according to the University of Minnesota Institute

Oral traditions spread the word, and reflexology soon found its way into the healing practices of India and China. The Chinese classic text , The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine, written sometime between 206 BCE to 220 CE contains a chapter devoted to examining this foot method. 

Eventually, reflexology made its way west. During his travels across Asia, Marco Polo was introduced to reflexology, and as points out, he is believed to have brought the technique to Europe. In 1917, William H. Fitzgerald, MD, considered the “father of reflexology” wrote about the practice in his book, Zone Therapy

Therapists in every language continued to promote reflexology. Today, you can find reflexology massages in spas across the world. You can even apply the techniques at home with a little practice!

Reflexology is an ancient wellness practice.

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At-Home Reflexology Techniques

Reflexologists rely on charts of the foot to map the reflex points that correspond to organs and systems in the body, according to mindbodygreen. You can also use charts to apply pressure for specific healing. 

Applying pressure to the ridge between the toes and the top part of the foot may heal the shoulders and neck. Use the ball of the foot to potentially heal the chest. Applying pressure to the arch of the foot may promote digestive healing. Finally, the heel and ankles are said to correspond to reproductive health. 

To begin the massage, use your thumb and fingers or a small massage ball on the feet. Gently apply pressure to the area of the foot that you wish to target. Or, enjoy a full body healing by massaging the entire foot. You can also use your elbows for an at-home passage: simply cross your ankle over the opposite knee. Then repeat on the other side.

Including reflexology into your wellness routine can provide all-over health benefits from the feet up. You’ll tap into the ancient healing practices through simple foot massages that are easy to perform at home.

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