George Lucas’ Plan to Build Affordable Housing

The Star Wars creator is intent on constructing low-cost housing for individuals and families in one of the most expensive areas of the United States.


The famed director is going to bankroll an affordable housing complex to be built on his property. [Denis Makarenko /]

Director George Lucas is by all means a visionary. He created the fantastical world of Star Wars as well as the famed Indiana Jones series. The Academy award winning director and producer is setting his sights on turning fantasy into reality by constructing an affordable housing complex in Marin County - one of the most exclusive and expensive areas located just outside of San Francisco.
Two years ago, Lucas wanted to sell his land to a developer who would build the housing complex, but the plans fell through and Lucas is now taking matters into his own hands. While there are protests from his fellow neighbors, Lucas intends to pay for the housing project himself which has been estimated to cost upwards to $150 million.
As reported in CNET, “the preliminary proposal submitted to the County of Marin outlines a 224-unit complex to be situated over 52 acres just north of San Rafael. This consists of 120 two- and three-bedroom workforce residences, and 104 one- and two-bedroom residences for seniors. The complex would also include a community centre, a pool, an orchard and small farm, a barn, interior roadways and a bus stop.”
A dedicated philanthropist, George Lucas’ dream of giving individuals with modest incomes the opportunity to live in one of the most affluent locations in the US might just have its own beautiful Hollywood ending.


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