Girl Awarded First-Ever Unicorn Registration

Madeline can keep the mythical creature in her home if she can find one!

Dec 17, 2022
Girl Awarded First-Ever Unicorn Registration | Madeline can keep the mythical creature in her home if she can find one!

Little girls dream of whimsical places where unicorns live. One little girl so loved these mythical creatures with a long spiraling horn, that she wanted one as her own pet. But pets – like dogs – need licenses. So she wrote to the Los Angeles animal control asking if she could get a license for a unicorn, provided that she could catch one, reported Global News. The answer was surprisingly yes.

What’s so special about unicorns?
The legend of unicorns has been around for thousands of years. The mythical creatures have been depicted in literature and art as a horse-like woodland animal that symbolized purity and grace. And the popularity continues into today where unicorns appear in fantasy pop culture, fairy tales, in countless children’s toys, and in the belief of one little California girl named Madeline.

Madeline’s Letter
According to Global News, Madeline sent a handwritten letter to animal control: “Dear L.A. County, I would like your approval if I can have a unicorn in my backyard if I can find one. Please send me a letter in response.” It was posted on the department’s Facebook page.

“It is always rewarding to hear from young people who thoughtfully consider the requirements of providing a loving home to animals," the department's director, Marcia Mayeda, wrote in the reply letter. “I commend your sense of responsible pet ownership to seek permission in advance to keep a pet unicorn in Los Angeles County.”

The letter, which was also posted on social media, ended by adding: “Why, yes – we DO license unicorns!”

Special Provisions
There were some special provisions that came with the license reported CBS News. The unicorn must be cared for in accordance with all the animal regulations in the Los Angeles county code 10. In addition, the one-horned pet must have regular access to sunlight, moonbeams, and rainbows.

The care and feeding must also include watermelon – the favorite treat of unicorns – once a week. The department also said that the unicorn’s horn must be polished once a week and if decorated with glitter, it must be nontoxic and biodegradable.

Since finding a unicorn will not be an easy task, the county provided Madeline with a white plush unicorn with purple hooves, pink ears, and a silver horn, according to ABC7, as well as a heart-shaped metal tag that reads, “Permanent Unicorn License.”

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