Harnessing the Power of Thoughts to Enact Change in the Middle East

People from 84 countries joined his new global experiment.


Harnessing the Power of Thoughts to Enact Change in the Middle East | People from 84 countries joined his new global experiment.

On International Day of Peace, Monday September 21, a new global experiment began. Called Be 1 Middle East, the experiment’s aim was to rehabilitate  Beirut, Lebanon, a city struggling after the massive explosion in August 2020, and give the people who live there, especially children, hope. They used scientifically measured collective thought to achieve this worthy goal.

Tsipi Raz, the director, producer, and editor of the movie  THE 1 FIELD that opened the international event told Goodnet that over 1,700 people  from 11 countries Including the US, UK, Israel, and UAE gathered on Zoom Calls and online to begin. There were people from least 84 countries represented including Lebanese, Syrians, Iranians, Palestinians, and Israelis working together for good.

But what is the science of  collective thoughts? It is the  idea that thoughts are part of an energy field that can be harnessed to change physical matter, Lynn McTaggart, an author of 7 books including The Field and researcher said in an interview one day before the event with Shari Arison, Goodnet’s founder, on Essence of Life Radio.

But collective thought is not  the same as meditation, McTaggart explained. Collective thought consists of focused thought and when numerous people are thinking of the same thing and having the same intentions, this can magnify the effect.

She explained that she ran 34 previous experiments – 30 showed measurable positive effects – including ones for healing, for growing seeds, and a previous experiment to promote a lessoning of violence in Jerusalem. In that experiment, Arabs and Israelis spoke to each other and opened up to one another to work on the common goal of lessoning violence in the part of the city that was the most impacted. Now Beirut is the focus.

The Be 1 Middle East experiment is already showing significant results, according to Raz. The data from the collective thought experiment is being independently scientifically measured by Professor Konstantin Korotkov of St. Petersburg Russia , a professor of quantum physics and biophysics and Dr. Krishna Madappa a specialist in mechanical and industrial engineering, Ayurveda, and bio-field in Bangalore, India.

Even though the researchers are in different parts of the world, their results are nearly the same but have not been officially  concluded or released at this time.

The experiment was so well received that the organizers have kept the viewing of THE 1 FIELD open in honor of the historic peace treaty that was recently signed between the UAE, Bahrain, and Israel. You can view the movie from Friday, September 25 at 6 pm EST to Sunday, September 27 at midnight EST.

Goodnet asked Moran Broza, a social impact entrepreneur working for a sustainable planet and one of the global event’s organizers about the plans for the future. She said that the group that participated on International Day of Peace will remain open and more events will follow in order to continue the momentum. There will be more experiments so that more scientific data will be collected and analyzed proving that people’s thoughts are interconnected and together, they can change the world.

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