A New Global Experiment Will Soon Begin

What can thousands of people accomplish together?

Sep 15, 2020


A New Global Experiment Will Soon Begin | What can thousands of people accomplish together?

Can you change the world by conscious thought? A new global experiment beginning September 21, 2020 believes that you can. Hoping to create a new generation of peace makers in the Middle East, this global online event seeks to create positive change in the Middle East.

The program features the Middle Eastern premiere – shown live in Israel, Dubai, the Gulf States, and other Middle Eastern countries and online for the rest of the world – of a new film THE 1 FIELD that focuses on the intersect of science and the power of human consciousness. 

The movie begins by asking age-old questions. Where do my thoughts go when I die? Can spirit be measured? Are we all connected? Is there a field of energy out there? The documentary explains how scientists have proven that human consciousness is a measurable energy. Everyone’s thoughts are energy in a collective field which can be harnessed for good.

Bruce Lipton PhD, author, and one of the experts who appears in the movie said, “This film really reveals the nature of how our consciousness is influencing the planet.”

After the screening, there will be an interview with the movie’s director Tsipi Raz, a Q & A section and then the participants will be part of a historic new experiment hosted by Lynne McTaggart, author, lecturer and leading authority on intention, spirituality, and alternative medicine.

McTaggart will lead a group meditation to lower the level of violence in the region through the science of collective thoughts. This is actually not the first experiment. A similar one was conducted three years ago when 10,000 people from 148 countries tuned their consciousness to reduce the level of violence in Jerusalem’s old city. This experiment was supervised by research institutes and is part of the movie being screened this year.

Tickets can be purchased on the website of THE 1 FIELD and part of the proceeds will be used for humanitarian efforts for the children of Beirut.

It is especially pertinent that the program takes place on the UN’s International Day of Peace. This special day was established in 1981 for all the world to commit to peace and to contribute to building a culture of peace together. This year, the UN asks all to spread compassion, kindness and hope in the face of the global pandemic.

As demonstrated in the movie, people are interconnected. And when they work together with synchronized thoughts, they have a great altruistic power that can bring positive change to the world.

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