Helping a Lonely Widowed Goose Find Happiness Again

This love story has a happy ending.


Wildlife, Love
A pair of geese enjoying the water.


This is the story of how two geese loved and lost and then found love again. It truly is a modern-day love story.

Blossom and Bud, two domestic geese lived a tranquil life in the Riverside Cemetery in Marshalltown, Iowa. There, the mates swam in the lake, and were a calming presence among visitors, reported The New York Post.

Sadly, their love story came to end when Bud passed away in August, 2022, leaving a bereaved widow. The cemetery staff did their best to cheer Blossom up and keep her company but nothing could fill the emptiness in Blossom’s heart.

She would spend time near the front office staring at her reflection in the plate glass window and in the model tombstones, Dorie Tammen, the manager of Riverside told CBS News. "She wanted company," Tammen said. 

A novel solution
After watching the lonely goose, Tammen decided she had to try to find her a new love. When people want to find a potential mate, they often turn to personal ads. Tammen thought that it could work for geese too.

So Tammen posted a personal ad on the cemetery’s Facebook page saying: “lonely, widowed domestic goose is looking for a life partner for companionship and occasional shenanigans”

And remarkably, the ad worked. Not long after posting it, Tammen was contacted by a family who had a male goose named Frankie  who had lost his mate and was also very lonely.

It’s a match!
Blossom and Frankie met on Valentines Day and hit it off right away. The pair were soon found taking dips in the lake and are constant companions. Frankie’s owners, Deb and Randy Hoyt were willing to rehome him and the pair are living happily ever after.

“They started walking off together and they haven't really left each other's side since,” Tammen said. 

The story of Blossom and Frankie teaches a lot of important lessons.  It shows that love can blossom anywhere, including in a cemetery, and that it is important to give love a chance after a loss.

These life lessons can apply to people too.  So when you have an opportunity to love again, open your arms – or wings – and embrace it.

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