Here’s the Fun Way to Donate Food Online Through the UN

Freerice is an online game that has helped to feed millions of people worldwide.


Freerice has donated over 95 billion grains to date

Freerice has donated over 95 billion grains to date - and counting! (taboga /

What if you could play an online game with fun brain teasers and every time you chose a correct answer, your contribution would help in ending world hunger? Sounds more than far-fetched, but that is the sole goal of Freerice, an online platform that hosts over one million registered players and has aided in feeding millions of people worldwide to date.

The platform's mini quizzes run the gamut of interests and subjects ranging from famous paintings and quotes to flags of the world, languages and human anatomy. For each spot-on answer, Freerice donates 10 grains of rice through the United Nations World Food Programme to help end world hunger. It may seem like a meager amount at first, but those grains add up in no time.

The quizzes are set side by side on the computer screen with an illustrated bowl that fills with rice as you give your answers, and in mere minutes it is filled. Not only are players doing their small part in helping feed those less fortunate, they are are also getting their synapses firing, and the result is making huge strides in answering the world's greatest solvable problem - one question at a time.

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