How to Become an Organic Farmer When You Live in an Apartment

Alfrea helps city folks rent and share garden space and sell their produce.


(Jakob Fischer /

In our modern age of co-sharing and renting literally everything from apartments to workspaces, it comes as no surprise that you can now do the same with gardens. The company Alfrea has essentially melded the surge of farm-to-table organic harvests and today's healthy-eating movements with community co-sharing spaces, and the result is an Airbnb-esque platform that lists gardens on a monthly basis according to city, lot size and price.

The site is also broken down into three more sub categories: land for rent, hiring helpers to manage, maintain and repair gardens, and farmer's markets that sell whatever is harvested. Afrea has one solid goal: to make it possible for everyone to eat homegrown meals everyday, but their genius initiative is so much more.

By building a local food economy, the organization is not only instigating change on a local level - the potential on a grand scale environmentally could help the planet in more ways than we can even imagine.

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